Urban View-Let the Battle Begin

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Let the Battle Begin

On the streets, an artist’s credibility is as important as their lyrics. The music that is created in the studio and released into the market will either be criticized or embraced.

The artists battling for this year’s Best Urban MAMA award may have never met or even crossed paths. Included in the nominations are a few familiar artists that I have interviewed in past articles of UrbanView including Define & Domz.

What may be perceived in the nominations is not necessarily reflected in the hip-hop community. Whether or not you have heard of the players in the game, the pawns have made their first move. As a reader, your vote will determine the outcome of the race.

This year nominations for Best Urban are Domz, Define, Good Bully (which includes Cobalt), Valley Stunna, AB Hogish, DEV, Guda Mac, Living Proof, Seany Wad & Purp Reynolds. Last years’ winner was Luna J. She performed at the awards as well.  The year before, Clone performed.

You will be able to view the awards online live at modestoview.com. The Best Urban category is relatively new to the MAMAs and has been awarded for the last four years. Rumors have it that many artists and fans haven’t quite given the award the respect that is deserves. In due time, it will gain the trust and proper respect it deserves. Until then, vote so your voice will be heard.

I challenge all the artists to promote beyond their perceived demographics. I would like to see numbers rise in the number of sales, radio spins and projects. I would rather see unification rather than segregation.  The hip hop movement is alive in the 209 area!



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