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Urban View- October 2011

UrbanView –

By The Fiesta Boyz


Welcome readers,  this month to many is an important month to reflect on this years MAMAS Awards. DJs, Rap Artists,Venues, Promoters & Clubs alike are all gearing up for the winner take all . I am here to reflect on last year’s winners of best Urban & best DJs.


DJ Chopstiqs. A Performance Dj of Central Valley National Recording Group MOONSHINE BANDITS under Suburban Noize Records. He is also the founder of WETRYTOMIXXYouth DJ Clinic and Wetrytofeed which is mainly focused on feeding the lessfortunate. Member of Kolony DJ’s and Phonostarrs Turntablist Crew.


The Artist TL- Since you won last years award, how do you feel about the DJ section @ the MAMAs.


DJ Chopstiqs- Since I won last year, the DJ section for the MAMA’s is still the same. What I see a lot of are DJ’s that are coming up and some are still intheir bedrooms practicing and hopefully show this town what kind of DJ Community we have. Everyone can be a headliner, you just have to work more than you want to.


TL- At which moment in your life did you begin your path on the ones and twos?(DJ-ing)


DJ Chopstiqs- started DJing at the age of 10. But I’ve always had the passion for collecting VINYL Albums, 12inch, 7inch even 78’s(78rpm)


TL- To give the fans a dose of your new work. what recent projects are you inclined with?


DJ Chopstiqs-I am working on a Mixtape project as we speak. It is titled “Life in a Mason Jar” and will be out in October of this year. It is not your average mixtape. It involves a whole lot of influences including country and rock mashed and meshed with hip hop beats. Stay tuned.


In addition Clone was last years Best Urban, surprising even himself with the win. Clone was not available for comment. This go around is full of new and already established artists. There is so much talent in the 209.  We will see who takes the crown. Here is the 2011 Urban line up. Luna J, Deffine ,Livin Proof ,Dev , Fiesta Boyz , Jucalini ,Cali Nativez, Kolor Blind Souljas ,Skinny Fat Kids ,Purp Reynolds.



Vote today for your favorite Urban artist and keep this community up on the new music.



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