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Dj Luis Dominguez By: Tru Luv Lopez

In this edition of The Urban/El Urbano, by yours Truly Tru Luv Lopez, I take you into the world of one of the most respected and talented Latin DJs in Central Valley Spanish Radio. “DJ Luis Dominguez” The road to successes was not an easy task, and as a young teenager, Luis would frequent a local venue “Roller King” perhaps one of the most happening place to be for all ages in the late 90’s. Setting up equipment, along side his brother DJ Algeria who DJ’d the venue. Perhaps one of many inspirations, his brother influenced his talent. This all lead up to Club Maxx, his first gig and opportunity to shine. Young Dominguez was not even old enough to be in the club. The only place he was allowed was behind the DJ booth. The lights, the music, the crowd screaming unknowingly, without prejudice, that the kid on stage was not old enough to even drink. Yet he still rocked the dance floor.

This led to many opportunities such as mix shows on Arizona station “Que Buena”, labeled one of the youngest DJs in the scene for the time. That gig only lasted 6 months for his decision to return to the valley was in part for his love for his college sweetheart, and his friends and family back home. He returned to open arms and more opportunities were arising. Next he ventured on the Romance 100.5 spinning top 40’s in Tulare, like many other DJs, he never asked for pay with the anticipation that the recognition could lead him to greater things. So it did.

He spent 5 years on La Kalle 107.9 in Fresno spinning on the traffic mix, where you still can find him on the weekend mix shows. Syndicated shows are becoming more frequent on radio now a-days. This is something I find disturbing with a lack of personal touch with the local fans. More than likely these are corporate moves. But, if you’re in Chicago, you can listen to Luis mix on Maxima. In Modesto, he has played at the Fat Cat, Palladium and Copper rhino, and local radio station Tri Color. H e has also contributed his time to the local Lip Synching events in the Centre Plaza in Modesto.

The one talent he holds that I can personally comment on is this, his style of mixing is not practiced much by others, The combination of top 40s Spanish and English music make the mash-ups even better. The crowd never leaves the dance-floor and the young generation of Latinos and Latinas with the cross-culture of Hip Hop and Latino Music is making waves! Drop me a LMFAO WITH INTENTALO and See what happens!!

We finished off with a few extra questions. Tru Love Lopez: Luis could you tell me who have you had the opportunity to open up for in the past? DJ Luis: i have worked with the following. Reggeton- (Don Omar,Khris y Angel, Dj Flex, Gocho, Fulanito, Fuego, Dj Kane, Selena’s brother AB Quintanilla, Frankie J, Akwid, Nina Sky……) Rock-Pop (RBD singer Dulce Maria, Tribal MTY, Reik, Belanova, Enanitos Verdes, Jaguares, Cristian Castro, Gloria Trevi…..)

TLL: Can you tell me a bit about the Latinos Stand up Movement? DJL: Latino Stand Upp it’s a group of friends DJs to promote our Latino events, which is not just for Latinos, we want to show everyone that Latino music has a lot of talent and encourage young local talent to pursue their goals. We have DJs to graphic designers to producers and everything that we need to promote events or local music.

TLL: Were can we listen in on your shows and or see you spin?

DJL: I’m DJ’n Fridays for Valdivia promotions at the Rainbow in Fresno Saturdays Mezcal bar and grill the hottest Latino spot in Fresno Radio mixshows you can download the univisionradio.com app And mixshows are on Saturdays night in Chicago and Fresno, also have a mixshow in Az. and soon San Francisco and San Jose

TLL: Who has been your bigest inspirations? DJL: My biggest inspiration is my brother (Roberto Dominguez) cause he’s been opening a lots of doors for a lot of people and me.

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