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UrbanView By Tru Luv Lopez

It has been a busy summer and we took some time to catch up with DJ Dan Aguilar.

TL: Tell us how you came into loving the art of DJing? DJ Dan: I remember staying up late to get a chance to listen to and record the late night mix shows on bay area radio stations. The songs played were slightly different than the regular daily programming and mixed continuously to a non-stop dance beat.

TL: What is your all time favorite record?

DJD: I don’t think I could ever pick just one record that is my all time favorite. A couple would have to be Depeche Mode – Violator & Prince – Purple Rain.

TL: What experience with DJing have inspired you? Can you tell us a story of your adventures? DJD: My best moments would have to be meeting different DJs and hearing their different sounds in new cities and venues. I look to my friends in the industry more so than the superstars or big names for inspiration. Playing in different cities and crowds is amazing also. There’s nothing like hopping off the BART or crossing the Bay Bridge into San Francisco in anticipation of the nights’ gig, good music and new friends. As a DJ, you need to be slightly ahead of the curve in regards to new music. I am constantly scanning internet radio stations, blog sites and podcasts for new sounds not only for playing gigs, but for just my own listening pleasure. I don’t really listen to mainstream terrestrial radio so when I do find and connect with new sounds, it has a bit more substance, kind of like finding buried treasure.

TL: Tell us a little bit about your self? DJD: I was born in San Jose CA and moved to Modesto in the early 90’s, it seemed like a whole other country. I started DJing after a trip to San Francisco with a friend who needed a ride to purchase records for a birthday party and he did not have a car in 1996. Not even having any DJ equipment, I purchased about a dozen records on my own. Eventually I purchased a turntable and used to mix along with FM radio stations for practice. My focus was mainly on playing house or underground dance music. I ended up playing house parties and was a resident at one of the hot clubs at the time in downtown Modesto. Making friends along the way and mainly having a slightly different sound has probably kept me relevant and in semi-regular gigs from the Central Valley to the Bay area.

DJ Dan Aguilar has performed at most every local nightclub and festival as weel as national artists like: Mark Farina, Colette, Dj Heather, DJ MFR, Hector Morales (Paris France) Donald Glaude, Dj Dan, Mr V (NYC) Sonny Fodera (Australia), Olivier Desmet (Belgium) Doc Martin, Gene Hunt (Chicago) Jay-J (Chicago/Grammy nominated) Andy Caldwell (Grammy nominated)

Dan Aguilar



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