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“Best time to release new music” is the first quarter of the year

We survived the “Mayan prophecy” and now it’s back to music business. record labels have been preparing for the first quarter of the year to release their artist’s latest work. January trough March are one of the most important times to release new music.

Albums by Backstreet Boys, Alice In Chains, Cher, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, The Black Keys, Eminem, AC/DC, Beyonce, Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne, Katy Perry and Mariah Carey are set to be released during the first quarter. In addition to LL Cool J — Authentic Hip-Hop on Feb 2nd, 50 Cent — Street King Immortal on February 26, Akon — Stadium, March 2013, and Ashanti — BraveHeart, 1/29. There is still money to be made in a tough market where album sales have dropped since the early 2000. Consumer’s tastes are unpredictable and the trends change rather quickly. To compete with the market, producing good music is what’s most important. Assuming that your marketing budget (if you do have one), is solid enough to compete with the big releases, releasing your music during this time frame is no guarantee if you can’t produce good music.

My best advice is to change your strategy beyond your demographic. This article is driven not only local by music, it is driven by the network of artist, DJ’s and all the outside entertainment that play in our local clubs here in Modesto. In the next few months, I will be searching for anyone interested in submitting their work, local or not. The Urban in the Modesto View is read across the nation. The urban will be at GNC 1748 Decoto Rd Union City giving away prizes every hour from noon till 6pm 1-5-2012 marking a milestone on expanding our voice. Free music, Free prizes. Here is your 2012 recap!

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