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Have you ever asked yourself how, or who comes up with organizing talent competitions? So has this guy ..so Tru did some research, which brings me to introduce this gentlemen, Reggie Rucker, Media Marketing Director for X Fest. Did you tune into the latest online XFest voting competitions? Even though the voting is over, the sole purpose was to reach more people to vote for local talent to play at XFEST 2013 and at the same time, promote XFest! If you find yourself double fisted remember to check the line up!

TL: Were you the head of organizing the competition? RR: Yes, I was responsible for managing the competition. I am the Social Media Marketing Director for X Fest, and am responsible for managing all aspects of our social media efforts, including special events and contests that will be promoted almost exclusively through our social media channels.

TL: Who came up with the idea and how dose it work? RR: It was a concept that Chris Ricci wanted to try with the success of our Miss X Fest contest. He felt we could generate similar enthusiasm around getting friends of bands to vote for them to play X Fest.

TL: Who are the winners for the onstage performance act for the X Fest? RR: Our winners are Mid October (an alternative rock band), and King Mackalot, P. Ocean, and Jr. Cali.

TL: how many voters voted? RR: tallied about 5,000 votes over 5 rounds of voting.

TL: Do you plan on doing this again next year? RR: This is something we will likely do again next year. It went well for us, and we already have ways we can improve on the concept next year.

TL: Were there any artists that stuck out during the competition RR: All of our final four were great. Mid October and Mini Game Villains (who lost in a close race to Mid October in the Group Final) were both very strong. P. Ocean and Mackalot had a good turnout for our Live Final in the 10th Street Plaza at Fuzio Universal Bistro last Thursday (the 18th). Jr. Cali put on a good performance. We had quality acts who earned their chance to perform.

There you have a behind the curtain look at what it takes and the results of dedicated people coming to come to organize events like this one.

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