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UrbanView – December

Urban View

By Fiesta Boyz 

ecember 17th, The State Theater is bringing the sensational Latin songstress Angelina to the stage and you’d be a fool to miss it.

It was the mid 90’s, Khaki pants, white on black, crazy hair and dance music. Beneath all this trendiness was an inspiring singer named Angelina. She had always loved singing anywhere at any time and while decorating for a M.E.Ch.A. fund-raiser at Santa Clara University, the event’s DJ heard her singing and suggested that she attend the Upstairs Records auditions the following day. “On a whim I decided to go.” Angelina says, “Especially since the new semester was coming up, and I needed money for tuition and books. I never thought it would lead to anything, but it just goes to show, you never know. Don’t let random opportunities pass you by.”

She nailed the audition and in 1996 she signed a contract with Upstairs Records. She then recorded “Release Me,” produced by Noel Saucedo of the Haus-a-holics, and the song was featured on the two biggest radio stations in the Bay Area (KYLD and KMEL). “Release Me”quickly reached the top 10 in the US. And her first album, titled simply “The Album”, was one of the top Dance albums of ’96. “It was incredible to start my career.” Angelina says.

For the first 5 years she toured all over the US and Internationally, but all too soon, the Dance craze was over and Hip Hop was in. Angelina had to evolve with the industry, and in 2000 she started working with NB Ridaz, and eventually created the New Ridaz.

In 2006 Angelina had just finished her 4th Studio album when a sudden tragedy struck her and her family. “My brother was killed in a random shooting. It was a horrible time for my family. I kind of stopped for a while after that. You know, nothing really matters when something so tragic happens. I took time to be with my family, and to be with my parents during the trial, etc.“

Despite the unfortunate downs, Angelina’s recovery and comeback are underway. She continues to tour across the country and had this to say when we asked about her future plans, “Even though I left the industry for a while after my brother’s passing, I still had music and ideas swimming around in my head. New lyrics, new melodies – that never goes away. So when I finally got into the studio in 2010, songs just flowed. I experimented a lot in the studio, and I have done some of my best work. But I’m debating whether I should release it or not. Maybe a few songs on iTunes, not a full album. I’m still not sure. I kind of like writing for new artists, and developing the next generation of talent. I have been so blessed, to have done this as long as I have, it’s incredible. I have loved every minute of it. But maybe this next year will be my last.”

I recently asked Angelina if there was a particular moment that stuck out for her during her experiences in the studio and on tour. “The stories that mean the most to me, are when people tell me that my songs, or my journey, have inspired them in some way. I got into the music industry because I wanted to be a positive role model, and make a difference. When I am told that I have affected people in some way, it makes me want to keep going! I love that my music has been a part of so many people’s lives, and brings back so many memories for them. I think that is why I keep pushing myself, and have been in the industry for so long.”Angelina

You can follow Angelina on Twitter ( @angelinamusic) or Facebook and on Reverb Nation The details of Angelina’s Dec. 17th appearance are available at

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