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UrbanView: DJ’S and M.C.’S

By Fiesta Boyz

In this chapter the Fiesta Boyz explore DJ’s & MC’s. A likely combination that serves
this nation full of consumers with unlimited music faster than ever before on every street
corner, your T.V., I-Pod and in the club. The Fiesta Boyz have interviewed famous DJ’s
such as DJ 9T9 and Legendary MC’s such as Mellow Man Ace, bringing you inside the
artist and DJ world. How do these two cross paths and where do they mix in this industry
full of many different styles and recipes? We have questions and we get answers.

Let’s begin with MC’s . Everyday
a rapper is born. Some are gifted and
some are not, but they both have one
thing in common, “The love of the
art”. Take a step back and look at your
work, your lyrics, your delivery and
your style. Prepare yourself for the industry
as it’s not easy to break through.
There are millions of listeners on their
IPods looking for new music every
day. How will you stand out and come
out on top? Consumers, a.k.a “The
music addicts” want more than is on
the menu. Which brings us to the question
every single MC has reading this
article; Do you have what it takes to
fulfill the legacy of many of those that
have come before you?
Before you take your music to the
DJ, be prepared for anything…especially
honesty and constructive criticism.
After all, you want your music
played on the radio and perform in front
of thousands? Or are you just wasting
mass hard drive space for the real
MC? Ask yourself these questions and
don’t let your ego get in the way and
ruin whatever music career that might
have been. Learn from other artists
and master your craft. Collaborate
with other artists and grow together.
You are not better than the next.
You choose what you want to
do with your career. One hit wonder
or music legend. Make a choice or go
find a 9-5 job.
First of all, a real DJ has actually
touched vinyl records and has been in
front of two turntables and a mixer,
not just the computer virtual mix with
a touch of a button! The DJ world
started way back in the 70’s with Kool
DJ Herc, 80’s with Grandmaster Flash,
90’s with Jazzy Jeff, 2000’s with Jazzy
Jim and has now been pushed into the
everyday life of people today with DJ’s
on TV commercials ranging from Mc-
Donalds to auto part stores. DJ’s are
the party starters and keep the crowd
happy with the music they choose to
play. Not everyone can be a DJ even
if they have all the newest equipment.
A true OG DJ listens to and collects
vinyl and new music and continues to
grow their collection even if they are
“retired”. They feel and create the beat
and know their audience.
DJ’s and MC’s go together like hand
and glove. DJ’s make the beat and the
MC drops the rhymes. One without
the other is like watching TV with no
sound. Nowadays, MC’s and DJ’s have
become versatile. They can do both.
You will see DJ’s busting a rhyme
and an MC cutting a scratch. Music
is evolving. DJ’s that have been in the
game for a while have become celebrity
producers i.e., Humpty Vision,
Clinton Sparks and Arturo Garces
have made chart topping records, due
to the fact that they were REAL DJ’s in
the beginning.
So if you are reading this article and
want to become a DJ, please start your
career by showing the utmost respect
for all the DJ’s before you and please
don’t get into this profession just to get
a date or drink for free at your gigs.
Have respect for the music.
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