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UrbanView – Jae Havana

UrbanView –
By Javier Lopez
Jae Havana
The interview

Javier Lopez: Who is Jae Havana?

Jae Havana: I’m a hip hop artist raised in here in Modesto. I’m an average person who loves all types of music, adventures and sports. I’ve been blessed with the ability to write music and lyrics, which I’m grateful for. I love being creative as it allows me to express myself as an individual.

JL: One of your favorite artist now?
JH: Kendrick Lamar, he is a very creative artist that has the potential of becoming one of the greats. I really like his style, and respect his honesty.

JL: What inspires you?
JH: There is a lot of things that inspire me. My family, friends, fans, love, but it mostly comes from happiness. Whether it’s my happiness or someone else’s. At the end of the day we all just want to be happy, that’s why we work hard in order to better ourselves, or lives and the lives of people we care about. .

JL: Where did you first record for the first time ?
JH: The first song I recorded was in my bedroom… well bathroom. When I first started I didn’t have the funding to purchase a lot of computer programs. In order for my vocals to have reverb, my friend Eddie Casino put the microphone in the bathroom and had me record in there. At that moment I realized this was the best way I could express myself as an individual and wasn’t scared of what others thought about my music and the topics.

JL: How many music videos have you filmed and pick your top and why?
JH: I’ve done three music videos and my favorite by far is “Love in a Revolution”. I love the video because it shows the different stages of a unstable relationship. The director of the video, Sal Jimenez did a great job showing this. The video shows a couple go from the highest to lowest part of their relationship. It shows the cycle of love when it’s vulnerable at purest form. This cycle goes from the couple being happy, to sad, followed by them being upset with each other, to “working” things out and finally to the relationship being in an uncertain place. This uncertain place is where the couple isn’t sure if they’ll even have a future together, but are willing to give it another try only to end up in that same cycle once again. That’s why I titled the song “Love in a Revolution” because like a revolution, love comes with its ups and downs. Together you might rebel amongst each other, but you continue to fight to make the relationship work.

JL: Are you working on new music?
JH: Yes I am. I am currently working on an album tilted “If I Was King”. The album isn’t about being a “King” so to speak or someone of high stature. “If I Was King” is a state of mind doing what it takes to better yourself and the people around you. The concept of the album is based off the average person, one who works hard in pursuance of success. This is a person who is never given a fair chance or the opportunity to succeed. Instead of giving up, they make their own opportunities, through hard work. The songs on the album tell stories of this person’s journey towards success. These are stories that illustrate life’s obstacles, pain and facing adversity. They also tell stories of growth, celebrating life, accomplishing goals, love, family, friendship, courage, perseverance and strength.

“If I Was King” will be available this summer on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon Music etc.
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– Jae Havana




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