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UrbanView – July

By Fiesta Boyz

This Month Fiesta Boyz interview the newest but very musically inclined DJ to hit the

(209), Presenting Hector J.

FiestaBoyz mixing it up at the Fat

Cat in June.
FiestaBoyz: What were your first
musical inspirations and at what
Hector J: There used to be a Friday
Night Video show in the early 80’s
called “Night Tracks” that showed all
of the new videos. I used to sit in front
of the TV and record the sound with a
tape recorder so I could immediately
listen to the song after the video was
over (no copyright infringement/bootlegging
intended..I was 4). My other
main influence was myuncle Jesse. He
introduced me to what was referred to
as “Modern Rock”. My love for Depeche
Mode, The Smiths, Erasure, etc.
is because of him. Well, and the fact
that it is awesome.
FB: We understand you’ve always
been into music, but when did you decide
to become a DJ?
HJ: One day I was at my friend Disco
Dan’s house. He was getting ready
and told me to try it out since he was
going to be a few minutes..or so. He
had some CDJ’s and I gave it a shot.
I was instantly hooked. At that time,
I had a lot on my mind, and music/
DJ’ing really provided me with a positive
outlet. I’m still really not comfortable
calling myself a DJ. I am more of
a music lover who enjoys playing music
for large crowds, small crowds or
just for myself. It really makes no difference
to me. I enjoy it all. The title
of DJ must be earned in my opinion.
My friends are DJ’s. They have paid
their dues, perfected their craft, and
earned it. Maybe Someday… (I have a
lot of work to do). I must say, there is
no better feeling than mixing in a song
and getting the chills as it is mixed in  
exactly how I heard it in my mind.

The chills that stem from the love of
FB: Which DJ’s did you grow up
listening to?
HJ: I grew up at a different time.
There were fewer DJ’s back then than
there are now. If I had to name them, I
would say Hocus, Reck, Trix, Jammin
J, Reckless Rich, 9T9, Bozak and my
Mixlab partner Tony Vibes who I been
hanging with for over 15 years. I also
listened to Ghost, Carlos, and Stevie
to name a few.
FB: Tell our readers a little about
The MixLab Music Group and what
they bring to the music scene?

HJ: Mixlab Music group consists of
myself and Tony Vibes (on the event
side) along with some close friends
who support what MixLab music is
about. We strive to keep the old school
and freestyle scene alive in the valley
and bay area. We often bring live acts
from freestyle singers to old school acts
to our events. We feel that this brings a
different element to our parties and also
supports those artists that we grew up
listening to, which is important.
FB: Which genre of music do you
prefer to play and why?
HJ: It depends on what day you ask.
Some days my answer would be Old
School and Freestyle, other days House,
but most days I would say New Wave/
Dark Wave, and some trip-hop. My favorites
are Depeche Mode, Morrissey,
Bjork, Portishead,Goldfrapp, Joy Division,
and Siouxie.. just to name a few.
FB: What are some of your future
goals as a DJ would you like to accomplish
in the next year?
HJ: My goal is just to just continue to
challenge myself and get better. I would
also like to record a few mixes which
would come in handy since I spend so
much time in my car commuting to the
South bay daily. And lastly, perhaps
work on some edits and remixes so I
can bring a different element to my
mixing and really add a personal touch
to the music I play.
FB: Vinyl, CD or Serato? Which do
you prefer and why?
HJ: CD since that is what I am comfortable
with at the moment. I never
usedserato, and probably won’t anytime
soon. Nothing against it, but I just feel
that that tool should be used by experienced
DJ’s who know the music by
ear. I am still training my ear so if I had
something visual it would probably stunt
my growth if that makes sense. I have
1200’s, and that is where I am headed.
It sounds a bit backwards maybe, but I
just love everything about vinyl. The
album art, digging for records, the look,
the sound and the skill involved. This is
what I grew up watching and listening
to so that is my ultimate goal.
FB Any shout outs to Modesto View
HJ: Shout out to my MixLab family,
the Disco Dan and Glen Hammerstrom
alongwith the rest of the Indepth Crew
who will be celebrating their 3-year anniversary
in August. Darrel Wilkins and
the Pure 209 Crew, 9T9 and Reckless
Rich, all those who come to our Mix-
Lab events and support. Last but not
least, my awesome niece’s Nyasia and
Thanks and keep it movin!
DJ Dan can be reached at: for
info and booking.



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