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UrbanView – Kali Dreams

By Javier Lopez

Kali Dreams
18yr old Kali Dreams is an inspiring up and coming rap artist from young California. This is a story about a young man living the California dream. We begin in a small town Ceres. I met up with him and the first question I asked was..

JL: You are working on a mixtape project? How many songs are you prepared to release?
KD: I’m working on a 7 song EP, title not yet decided. Should be released this month (January).

JL: Tell me about a day in the life of Kali Dreams?
KD: I’m in college studying to become a lawyer. When I’m not at school, I’m in my studio, vibing with other artists and close friends.

JL:What plans do you have for the upcoming year?
KD: My plans are to get to the top of the ladder, get better and better at what I do. Prove that I’m not just another “rapper”. I’m serious about what I love, and that is recording music.

JL: Where can we find your music?
KD: G:Kalidreams Soundcloud: ‘Greedy

JL: What inspired you to pursue music?
KD: I would see my two older cousins in the studio, one on the mic and the other engineering. The sound of good music coming from studio speakers is the rush I get when I record.

JL: You engineer your own music what are you using?
KD: Yes I do but its nice to know other engineers so I work with others such at TL and Doctor Bern. I have Pro tools ELEVEN.

Javier’s Note: Congratulations to Jesse Ramirez and Emily Gertreu on their engagement. You are an inspiring young couple may you be blessed on your future ventures.
Happy B-day to Humberto Sanchez and Juan Morris.



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