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UrbanView – May 2011 Mellow Man Ace


This month the Fiesta Boyz interview Latin Hip Hop Legend Mellow Man Ace… 

 Born in Cuba, Mellow Man Ace has the occasional bilingual delivery and a heady gift for novelty rhymes. Born Ulpiano Sergio Reyez in 1967, he left Cuba with his family at the age of four and resettled in Los Angeles. With production from the Dust Brothers and Def Jef, Mellow Man Ace recorded his debut album Escape from Havana, releasing it in 1989 on Capitol. Almost one year later, the single “Mentirosa” became a Top 20 hit with Ace rapping over a crafty hook from Santana’s “Evil Ways.” Also a part of the Latin Alliance project (and the brother of Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog), Mellow Man Ace recorded one additional album, The Brother with Two Tongues, then virtually retired from the field, but 2000 brought forth the release From Darkness Into Light. 2011 and Mellow Man Ace still brings the heat with his new music video. “MR. Excuses”

 FBZ: When did you first step into the hip-hop scene?

MMA: I started my hands on days in hip hop culture in 1983 as a b-boy practicing and learning moves by watching New York City

Breaker video footage.

 FBZ: Everyone knows your worldwide hit “Mentirosa”, how did that song concept come about?

MMA: The lyrical side of my song Mentirosa came from real life and from a girl I wasdating at that time.

 FBZ: How did “Mentirosa” change your music career?

MMA: The song Mentirosa opened many doors not just for me but for Latinos as a whole. For me it gave me an exit visa to travel the world many times. I’ve been fortunate to have met thousands of good, and not so good characters who either live, or pretend to live this as a culture. The song also type-casted me much like a child actor at times, but I have learned to take the good with the bad over the years. But over-all I give the song credit for giving me a great life on and off the field.

 FBZ: What are some of the new projects your working on and with for 2011?

MMA: The project that takes up most of my time is the Zzyzzx project with my son Cazal. The project is signed to Delicious Vinyl Records and its become one of hip hop’s first father/son releases. Look for us to be on TV, internet radio and at a show near you in 2011.

 FBZ: In your opinion, has Hip-Hop music changed for the better or the worse?

MMA: In my professional opinion hip hop has changed for the worst. Here’s how- in this modern era hip hop, the underground scene is still amazing and has many different flavors. I listen to groups like Odd Future, Flying Lotus, Dam Funk, Mayor Hawhorne, as well as some new works from seasoned vets that still make new material such as Masta Ace, Dres of Black Sheep, Mike G  of the Jungle Brothers and many others. Now when it comes to Pop radio artists, I don’t listen to it because of how mindless and childish it has become in an over-all direction. It’s cool for my kids under 10, but not so much for my 15 year old who is well schooled in the arts or me for that matter. I’m in my 40’s and yearn to grow from what I listen to.

 FBZ: Any advice for new artists?

 MMA: My advice for new artists is simple: Make sure you absolutely love music if you plan on making a living from it. It cannot just be a hobby, and if it is, then please leave it to the pros and find something else to do for work. We mustremember that the word “artist” has been turned into a bad joke and very lightly used these days. Adding on, I say respect your craft by adding a price of integrity to it as it makes no sense to spend your hard earned money on equipment, computers and software, microphones or studio time only to then give your craft away for free. You will never eat from hip hop or any music of any kind if you do not learn this basic law of the arts. Lastly I would say to have a strong heart as we don’t have medical, dental of life insurance plans, in these record contracts, so you better do it from the heart because when the curtain comes down there will be nobody there to help you in your final days.

 FBZ: Any shows coming up in our area?

MMA: My next show in the Modesto area will be May 7th, and I’m looking forward to hittin’ the road again. I hope to see all of Modesto come out and represent the Godfather of Latino based hip hop, and show support by coming out.

 FBZ: Where can Music Lovers, DJ’s and Artists go to get more Mellow Man Ace?

MMA: The best place to get new Mellow Man Ace projects right now is my personal artist website at  It’s like having my own personal Mellow Man Ace record store where I receive all the proceeds, not some greedy record executive lol. You can also

find all of my new music videos at Youtube/officialmellowmanace . In order to chat with me daily find me on Facebook/ulpianoreyes, or on Twitter/mellowmanacezzyzzx .

 Thank you Modesto, Ca

Light and balance,

Mellow Man Ace.

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