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UrbanView – By Javier Lopez Music Industry Scammers

As much as there is an abundance of musicians and artists, there are scammers that walk along side of you like zombies in the Walking Dead series, waiting for the opportunity to strike. Do not be fooled. They come in the shape of mangers, producers, engineers and consultants. I am here to give you the upper hand in dealing with these types. How to avoid getting SCAMED!

The BS-er: They will talk your ear off and sell you dreams. These people have never had any significant success in the music business. Name dropping is their game. Do your research and do a ”Back Ground Check”. Avoid at all cost.

The ex-industry bigwig: These types used to work for major record labels and now turned consultants. They will offer to “get you to the next level” for a fee, but you have to ask yourself some very important questions before you enter into any agreements with these people. Are their contacts still relevant or are they dated? When was their last significant credit – five, ten, twenty years ago? Do your research!

The consultant that says they can move your music to right market. Beware. What are his sources? Where is your music shopped? These are the kind of questions you need to ask.

If anyone is dropping names, do your research. Ask them about there previous business relationship with the persons you are dealing with. You will be surprised what you will find. There is no easy break. If it sounds to good to be true. Than it probably is. Body language is a dead give away. Nothing comes for free. Protect yourself, protect your music and protect your art.



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