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UrbanView – Truth Through Fiction

By Javier Lopez
Truth through fictional stories.

Can there be truth behind fiction? The human mind can project images that tell a story only you can relate, sometimes real life and sometimes fictional. Allow your imagination to run wild but never lose focus on realty. Why not share your minds most deepest thoughts and creativity through art?

Where most never conjure up the courage to speak their minds and remains silent as if a zipper attached to your lips stays zipped. No sound can project with mouths closed. Where most stay dormant, death is a black sea with no end.

In the summer of 2013 D.V had emerged. With dry heat and wind pressing, what felt like an eternity, had only been several months. Blood sweat and frustration had lead him to this very pressing moment on November 5th with the release of Death of A Poetic. The missing pieces had finally came together, producing possibly his richest sound yet. The texture more complex yet smoother than he could ever imagine. Once his hunger grew he could not quench his thirst without finding himself crawling to only finding Letters From The Attic released in May 2014. The influence of atmosphere drove the heavy vibe felt in his chest. Almost as if the lyrics of an old school record player spinning in the back ground where filling his soul with musical symphony.

All the while the summer had passed with 40 oz of rhythm and blues he had struck GOLD. Gathering his thoughts and contemplating his approach on how & when he could express his most diligent and creative artistic creations. The decision had been made. No longer would he hide his anger, his love nor his passions from others. He chose to write and deliver. The beginning. “Gold” was released on April 10 and you can now hear it and feel his most personal effort yet.

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