UrbanView – Up Close with Reg Evans

UrbanView – By Tru Luv Lopez

Up close with Reg Evans Americans show your colors, this is an up close and personal interview with an all American Reg Evans who has been promoting events and entertaining the masses for 8 years. We ask the hard questions and we get the answers.

Tru Luv Lopez: At which moment did you decide promoting events would become something that took interest in you? Reg Evans: When I was in my early 20’s I moonlighted as a bodyguard for some pretty heavy acts as well as helping a lot of my buddies who were really great and popular DJs throughout the bay area. With promoting their gigs over the years it slowly became a passion to me.

TLL: I have followed your career closely, yet there are few who have no idea of the other talents you posses, or shall I say trades and knowledge you have. Would you care to elaborate? RE: Allot of people don’t know this but i am an ex transit cop and i have been an investigator for the last 26 years, I am also an artist and a chef who has owned a couple of different restaurants, one in Turlock, Miami Bar & Grill and the other here in Modesto it was called Satchmos House of BBQ.

TLL: Now you’re making me hungry and good thing my background check cleared. I understand you have been having some complications, recently in and out of the hospital. Tell me the story on how you have been pushing throughout this turn of events.

RE: in 2010 I went to help a lady who had jumped off of the 9th street bridge and in the process I tweaked something that caused my right side waist down to become 100% paralyzed that in turn, led to me developing a blood clot that broke apart and spread into both of my lungs with resulted in a pulmonary embolisms. This almost killed me and it’s been a long road to recovery but I firmly believe that with God all things are possible!

TLL: Will we continue to see more Reg Evens events in 2014? RE: I am not sure. Hot Latin Nights mentally and physically drained me this year. a few of my buddies have reached out to me about some pretty great shows, but I am deciding if I want to get involved. I will have Hot Latin Nights 6 on May 3, 2014 as well as another project that is in the developmental stages but it will be a very positive, cross-cultural event.

Reg Evans has worked with a ton of different artists over the years, different type of genres from local to regional, national and international acts like: Malo, Tierra, El Chicano, Strunz and Farah, Latin Essence, Legally Blynd, Bob James, Nathan East, Harvey Mason, Larry Carlton, Pete Escovedo, Brian Simpson, Latin Magic, Valley Rhythm Section, Mike Torres Band, Mellow Man Ace, Candyman, Rodney O, Joe Cooley, Johnny Valdez, Martin Martinez, Ernie Bucio Band, Will Donato, Willie and Lobo, Brian Simpson, Sonny Fairley, Ricardo Scales, Cheryl Lockett, Mary Elizabeth Boute, Michelle Richardson, Tom Braxton, Ray Fuller Michael Paulo, Travis Vega, Richard Smith, Brian Bromberg, Greg Adams Gregg Karukas, Blake Aaron, the OJays, Marirose Powell, Lowrider Band, Josh Rosenblum Band, Big Earl & the Cryin’ Shame, Jorge Santana and Salvador Santana.



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