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For the up and coming artist or producers, having your music heard globally has not been more accessible than the market that we have today. For the experienced, distributing your music is costly and not an easy task.10 years ago the industry was a much more closed market. In today’s market with the right resources, you may have your music downloaded across the world on many outlets. Online distributors are what we are referring to today. Distribute your album online or a single online. Today we have many types of streaming sites, Download sites, in which the consumer downloads their music legally. Imagine reaching new fans and watch your account sales increase, depending on your marketing. As long as you have the rights to the original work or ”music”. You can be a part of the flowing talent hitting the online market. There are also many who still depend solely on hard copies to reach their fans. You have a choice.

Somewhere on planet earth is an ambitious soul searching to be heard. Playing on the street corner performing their art, recording their latest. To have your voice heard on the new platform, be prepared, there are fees associated with online distributors, but there are many options. I suggest you do your research on the sites you choose to distribute on. Once you are signed up and ready to go, the first question you may have is “were do I sign up?” I will give you two options. I have worked with both theses companies before. There are pros and cons. CD baby is the veteran of online distribution and in the early days you would call the owners directly. No joke. The fees are decent and your music will be online to download off iTunes in a matter of 30 days. On this site you keep your rights, pay a fee per sale and a percentage of your downloads is paid directly to you, direct deposit or check. The cost is a one time fee of $39 per single or $49.99 per album. They have always kept up with payments and there service is very good. As you read more on there polices and marketing, you will grasp a better concept of online sales. Do not take short cuts, unless you like getting short-changed. On the other hand there is tunecore,(tunecore.com) they have been on the market for a few years, they operate on a different platform. They also get your music heard on iTunes and many more sites. Their services are faster and their basic fees are lower, with the exception they require every year $29.99 per album and $9.99 per single. So there you have two options to get started to get your music heard. Do us all a favor and take pride in the quality of music you publish and the artwork you represent your self with. Remember to stay up to date on all Tru Luv article interviews and online video interviews and on our website truluvmusic.com This is the Urban.

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