Wash Me Away the music of Lisa Ballew

Local singer-songwriter Lisa Ballew sophomore ep Wash Me Away, the follow up to Ready for the Ride has recently dropped. One can appreciate how Ballew has matured as a songwriter. The production on this release stands up with anything that has come out over the last few years. The songs are tight with great arrangements.
It is filled with ballads and danceable pop tunes in the vein of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. 6 well-produced tracks with breathy vocals and heartfelt lyrics.  “Wash Me Away” is a song about love and heartbreak even when you know you are being lied too. The title track asks “What your intention?” “Telling those lies” “Why did you wash me away? Was I not enough?” It builds  “Million Miles” is a sombre song with a low piano and cello, a song about the one you love “feel like you’re a million miles away.” remembering the good times and pine for the way things were. “Super Nova” kicks off with a funky bassline and a rhythmic vocal arrangement.
You can find all of Lisa Ballew‘s releases on Apple Music, I-Tunes and Spotify. Like and follow her on Facebook and Instagram and at www.lisaballew.com



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