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Weekend Needle Drop FISHBONE

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Fishbone-Truth and Soul
Middagh Goodwin

Fishbone are still one of the most amazing bands you will ever see perform live. The energy and brilliance of their performance is unmatched.
Truth and Soul is Fishbone’s second full length. The album reached #153 in the Billboard 200, helping the band establish a large cult following.
Mixing in SKA, punk, reggae, funk, blues and with Truth and Soul elements of Metal and hard rock. The record kicks things off with “Freddie’ s Dead,” the Curtis Mayfield song originally released on the Super Fly soundtrack.
“Freddie’s Dead,” “One Day” and “Ghetto Soundwave” were recorded on Martin Luther King’s birthday. “Pouring Rain” and “Change” were recorded on Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday. I am sure the band was aware of the significance.
I have seen the band 100’s of times over the year. I have booked them twice. At the Stockton Royal and again with Bill Coffey at Hero’s/St Stans. They continue to amaze me time and again. Listen to the music and go see them perform live.



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