Weekend Needle Drop-Secret Affair

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Weekend Needle Drop-52 Weeks 52 Albums


Glory Boys was the first of three albums released by the Mod Revival band SECRET AFFAIR. Released in 1979 on I Spy in the UK and 1980  on Sire Records in the US. This is a promotional copy I bought for $2.99 at Replay Records if memory serves correct in 1983. The band never gain the traction in the UK or the US that bands like THE JAM had. Still they had three singles off of Glory Boys, “Time for Action” which reached #13,  “Let Your Heart Dance” which peaked at #32 and “My World” which topped out at #16 in the UK.

SECRET AFFAIR had a Hammond and horn driven Motown sound, that I as an American kid could relate to more at that time than bands like the Jam, the Lambrettas or Merton’s Parkas. I would often play “I’m not Free(But I’m Cheap)” and the Smokey Robinson cover “Going to a Go Go” on KCSS when I DJ’d back in the late 80’s early 90’s. Over the years I will say that The Jam would work their way into my musical landscape and I would learn to love the dry English wit. But for a brief time in the 80’s this was my soundtrack.

Three button suits with thin lapels and skinny ties. The attire for Mods and Rudeboys everywhere. Maybe I was Punk/New Wave back in the 80’s but I did enjoy wearing a suit and still have my parka full of patches.

“So take me to your leader because it’s time you realized, That this is the time, the time for Action”



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