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AllAgesView By Abbey Murphy Now that it’s July, I’m sure there are many out there that are over the “yay it’s summer, I have so many things to do” phase and are feeling a little confused about what activities to take on next! Firstoff, we all know that July is a celebration of our nation’s independence and there are many BBQs and firework shows to keep us occupied! Make sure you get decked out in that red, white, and blue and check out the popular 4th of July Parade right here in downtown Modesto! After the fourth and the last two MoBands however, our to-do list may be dwindling so, I’m suggesting: The Young Modesto’s Top 3 Guide to July!

1) I don’t know about you, but when I’m swimming or out in the sun the one thing I crave the most is…wait for it…fruit!! Whether it’s a nectarine or some fresh blueberries, I love it all and we can find affordable and delicious produce all over town. I might suggest Loratelli’s Fruit Stand, the Farmer’s Market or another venue that actually lets you pick your own fruit to take home!

2) Sothis summer has promised legendary movies for our generation! (The Avengers, The Dark Knight, Brave, maybe even Madagascar

3) One of my favorite ways to get out with my friends is to go see a movie together and bond while being terrified in a scary movie or even laughing our butts off watching a silly comedy that reminds us of our childhood or a vintage movie at the State. Although this is a great way to have fun, it can be expensive. Dooduuhhduuhhdahhhhh! There is the $5 Dollar Movie Night at Regal Cinemas on McHenry for all your cinematic needs! Every Tuesday night, the theater sells movie tickets for only $5! It’s a perfect date night on a tight budget or even just a night out with pals; the movies have always been an essential part of our childhood.

4) Get creative! During summer many creative ideas can be implemented and here are a few that could be put to use during the mid-July blues: Bare walls? Take a simple canvas or sheet of poster paper and splatter paint/get whimsical and design a new centerpiece for the walls of your bedroom or space to make it your own! This can be as detailed as a portrait of you and your family or can be as simple as lines and splatters of paint all over the paper. I know that sometimes whenwe’re growing up we leave the painting and creativity only to the girls in our classes, but you can ask my boyfriend, Cap, this is not always the case! I just did this project with Cap and it was fast, easy, affordable, and totally worth it. The new art can transform your space entirely.

Want to spend your days at the beach but aren’t old enough to drive or simply don’thave the car or gas money to get there? Although we may not have the beautiful ocean at our disposal in Modesto, there are plenty of natural settings such as Dry Creek and the Tuolumne River areas to spend the day at. Take your parents and friends out for a fancy picnic to sit by these beautiful locations and soak up the sun! Maybe you headed down to the fruit stand earlier and had many different recipes to impress them with your culinary expertise! Get a blanket, sunscreen, and a picnic basket and you’re on your way!

Remember, summer is a place to relax, sit and listen to the amazing local music at the Queen Bean or Barking Dog. It’s also a time to experience the fun aspects of Modesto that we might overlook during the passing school years, so get out there and get exploring!!

It’s All Skate time! 7/6 Roller Rink in the Village, 6-9pm BYOS – bring your own skates Or bring your lawn chair and enjoy the music Greatmusic by The Quake DJ Join KHOP’s Ian Riley for games and contests



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