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Rockabilly View ROCKABILLY returns to X-Fest 2012 By Jennifer Allsup

One of the most exciting stages of the 2011 X Fest was the Sweet Pea Knickers Rockabilly stage on J Street. The joint was jumpin all night long, roller derby, big slappin’ bass, pin ups, vintage amps and clothes and a whole lot of fun. The rockabilly stage is back and bigger than ever for 2012.

Tiger Honey Pot ….will also be taking the stage at X-Fest , from what I understand this duo from San Francisco is a no frills, no shame, no B/S just Rock n Roll. Whichthey love to spread their love of music to you (the fans). Laying down the beats of Surf, Heavy Blues, Boogie and Punk. Tiger Honey Pot members are Toa Fujimoto (guitar) and JonJon Selin (drums). These two gentlemen met at an underground music scene in the Mission District of San Francisco Ca. With Toa raised in Japan with influences of Rock and Roll and American Blues and JonJon in Michigan listening to Classic Rock together they grew into this amazing duo. With a small time together five years they have performed many shows to junkyards to huge outdoor festivals. I recommend you check them out on the Unity Stage as well…..also, helps me that these two gentlemen are fans of Burning Man.

Gearbox….. A closer local out of Merced. This trio is filled with Rockabilly, Punk andSurf. With influences of the Saddle Tramps and Reverend Horton Heat. Two of my all time favorites. That alone makes me want to dance and jive to the sounds and beats of Gearbox. John Tharp (vocals and guitar) Josh Bristow (bass) and Jesse Valencia(drums). These three gentlemen are also on the local record label of Hi-Ho Silver Records. Being a local to the valley, there should be no reason you can’t travel to Merced or even closer Modesto to check out Gearbox and their talents they will bestowupon you.

The Pendletons….Now, this should be a band that Modesto fans and abroad should be familiar with. Tony Trevino (founder, vocals & guitar) is a fantastic sweet good guy. Elan Tribo (upright bass), and Mikey Skullz (drums). I have seen this threesome of fine gentlemen numerous times and have not yet been disappointed in their talents as true musicians. These gentlemen’s interest in Rock n Roll is extensive from Muddy Waters to The Cramps, when these three get together and start strumming and banging their instruments, I see a crowd of people jumping and jiving, slamming or swinging to their fabulous beats. The Pendletons are also on Hi-Ho Silver Records. Tony and his wife also are the owners of Unity Music, which is the Rockabilly stage at X-Fest.

Stigma 13…..Visiting from Anitoch, Ca. a four piece band with sounds of Rock n Roll, garage punk. These fourgentlemen Maxx(guitar/vocals),John (guitar/vocals) Jared (drums/vocals) andMitch(bass/vocals).Stigma 1 formed in 2001 since they have hooked up they like to play hard, loud, punk rock n roll ! The four piece has influences of Motorhead and the Ramones. Please, show your support to Stigma 13 on the Unity Music Stage.

Rockin Rick and the Rhythm Wraglers…..from the foothills also Rockin Rick is the owner of Hi-Ho Silver Records. Rockin Rick(guitar/vocal) Big Dave(stand up bass & wise cracks) Todd Jaggers(lead guitar/hustling) Steve Slow Gin Rummy( slappin’ skins and staying out late). With the love and passion for the late 50’s,Country Western and Rhythm and Blues. Rockin Rick is no stranger to the love and passion for true soul and slappin beats of Rock n Roll. I have watched Rockin Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers perform and loved it. Their stage presents is full of energy. You will have to see for yourself the talents that will please your dancing shoes and your soul. You can also, see these boys play from the foothills to Los Angeles.

Unity Music thank you for being part of X-fest ! Your second year running, I am sure with crowd will love it even more then last year…..I do believe there will be classic cars and pin-ups to carry on the tradition of Graffiti at X-Fest 2012. I am truly excited to see this stage again, last the crowd was swinging in full force.Even those you would of thought of not liking the strumming and slapping of the Rockabilly genre.

Just a quick note from me…..I am SUPER STOKED that the Dancetronauts will be performing at X-Fest as well… my Burning Man family ! Modesto has no idea what the Dancetronauts are going to do to X-Fest ! I will be enjoying it all !!!!!!!!

Smiles, Jennifer Allsup 209-214-0137


OH Modesto, you have no idea what’s in store for you on August 4th at the 13th Annual X-FEST…

The Dancetronauts from Santa Cruz, CA and their spaceship will arrive in full force with DJ’s, Dancetrohotties, Mutant Cars, Fire Dancers and much, much more, including the premiere of a never-heard-before sound system that will blow your feet right out from underneath you.

The Dancetronauts were founded by Philip Plastina in 2005 when they first reached the Playa at Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada. That year Philip decided to sell his construction business and dedicate his time to continually improving the ship. In 2009 he met up with the Shady Warehouse Crew from Los Angeles, the Dancetronauts took off and became a huge hit.

From there, Philip’s productions have grown larger and more imaginative. The Dancetronauts continue to build, whether they’re working with different construction materials, DJ’s, or Dancetrohotties. One Dancetrohottie, Lexie, has been on this adventure withPhilip for the last year and her LED costumes are amazing and OH so sexy, to say the least! Don’t miss the Dancetrohotties on the Dancetronauts’ Stage at this year’s X-Fest!

Philip is the staple DJ for the Dancetronauts along with Modesto’s own Brian Williams, plus TravNasty from San Francisco. The Dancetronauts and their 30+ crew have been attending different events besides Burning Man, from San Francisco to Las Vegas, showing people how the Dancetronauts party.

Believe me Modesto, this will be nothing like you have ever seen. I am a Burner (BurningMan) myself and I couldn’t even explain to you what will be unleashed at X-Fest. If the DJ’s don’t lure you in, the show will! Just look for the BIG SHIP, sexy Dancetrohotties, hot men in spacesuits and listen to the beating vibe that will draw you in.

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