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Hi my name is Leia Johnson and I am thrilled to be your new All Ages View writer. I am twelve years old and I am going into the eighth grade. I’m so excited to be a part of the Modesto View and I look forward to sharing with you all the upcoming and exciting things to do in Modesto. I am honored to follow in the footsteps of the very talented Abbey Murphy. We are all going to miss you Abbey, but I know you will have an amazing year at Cal!

This month we are all going back to school and that means new teachers friends, clothes and supplies. As you’re out shopping, it’s a good time to remember that there are kids out there who can’t afford school supplies. Please think about purchasing something extra at this time. You can donate to any school in need or local service group or just pick a friend, family or teacher that could use the help. This may become an annual tradition for you and your family! Here’s another way kids can contribute: I am a member of the Leos Club which is the youth organization of Lions Club International. Our club organized a donation of backpacks filled with new school supplies such as pencils, rulers, and scissors for kids in need.

Speaking of back-to-school always gets me thinking about my favorite place; The Ice Cream Company! If you’re not familiar with The Ice Cream Company, it has been around for over thirty years! Their homemade ice cream is delicious and their good food, service, and atmosphere makes it a place the whole family will love. I have been going there since I was little and my parents went there a lot when they were kids too! It’s always fun to make new traditions with your family. Have a fun end of the summer and have an awesome school year! I hope to see you all around Modesto soon!



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