AllAgesView By Abbey Murphy This has been an amazing winter season. It has been the busiest time of my life as I, as well as all of the other high school seniors, have been working on college applications. So many essays, so many applications, so many letters and due dates and of course, our last semester grades. I couldn’t wait for winter break. Instead of doing homework, it was so nice to go to breakfast at Deva or grab a late lunch at Harvest Moon or a tea at the Queen Bean. There are so many fun places to enjoy right here in Modesto!

For 2013, I am looking forward to spending more time checking out our art galleries and our boutiques. I really look forward to exploring all of our local bands like Josh Rosenblum and Good Luck Thrift Store. I am very excited for the new Solar Powered People CD.

As you read in my December article, I am OBSESSED with baking! It becomes more of an obsession every single day. I baked all through the holidays and one of my Melted Snowman Cake creations made the top favorites in Reddit! I was so excited, but I am overcome with sadness with the loss of Hannah’s Bakery. Luckily, however, it has been transformed into Frost, an amazing cupcakery with lots of decadent treats for the cold months. I love bakeries and baking. You most definitely should check out their amazing cupcakes and treats, I know I’ll be there every week. My New Year’s resolution is to continue to bake and work on my skills. My wish for Modesto in 2013 is to make sure that we create more places for all ages entertainment. We all want to be part of the music, art and food scene in Modesto and we can all do this together.

Have a happy new year and make sure you check out the shows at Queen Bean, P Wexford’s, Deva, Barkin’ Dog, and now Hero’s where you can be a part of the fun and still be a teen.



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