American Chemical Society Grant awarded MJC professor emeritus and Enochs High instructor

American Chemical Society Grant awarded to MJC professor emeritus and Enochs High instructor

Dave Menshew, James C. Enochs High School science instructor, and Steven Murov, Modesto Junior College professor emeritus of chemistry, along with the science students at Enochs High, have been awarded an American Chemical Society Collaborative Opportunities Grant for $2,000 to design and install an exhibit entitled “Exploring Matter” at the MJC Great Valley Museum on West Campus.

The exhibit will be installed in the summer of 2016 and will feature several interactive displays appropriate for people of all ages that probe the properties of matter.

The centerpiece will be a 12 element identification challenge. By determination of the relative densities of the 12 elements coupled with determinations of electrical conductivity, magnetic attraction, luster and color, visitors should be able to assign identities to the 12 elements: C, Mg, Al, S, Ti, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, W and Pb.

Other activities will involve mass and metric perception studies, density studies of canned colas and how Velcro works.

“This is a significant collaboration between MJC and Enochs High that is going to enhance the science education of many students,” said Murov.

Pictured are (top left) Dave Menshew, Enochs High instructor, Enochs High students (left to right) Ruch Deshpande, Halie Gonzalez and Keller Swatman, and (top right) Steven Murov, MJC professor emeritus.

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