ArtWalk Pirates Booty Treasure Hunt

Find a Pirate Treasure at August ArtWalk
By Chris Murphy

Don’t miss the amazing 3rd Thursday Artwalk in Downtown Modesto.
Last month was huge, incorporating all of our participating galleries, a pop up bar, and prizes with a Cluegame-style mystery hunt to find out who stole the American Graffiti Statue from 5 points. The culprit was Mike Shelton (Ralston’s Goat), With the Wrench in Squad Car.

The 3rd Thursday Artwalk as long been a staple on the evening culture of Downtown Modesto, showcasing our art galleries, local restaurants and creating a festive night with music and strolling people and musicians. New theme events are drawing even more people into our downtown.

On August 17, Pirates invade downtown Modesto and if you are careful, you will spot a mystery karaoke ModestoView Pirate Ship. Look for musician Jordan Waters on the route by Tresetti’s Collect clues, follow your treasure map and find the pirates booty. Maps are available at all ArtWalk locations.



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