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BarView – Dr’s Orders

BarView A Liquid Diet- Doctor’s Orders By Dr. Kate Serpa Photos By Dr. Philip Johnson Social anxiety is clinically proven to be the number one killer of a fun time, but do not worry; Dr. Kate and Dr. Phil (not that one) are here to help. The following three locations are not only lovely, they all also have surprise beer/cocktails. Alcohol is my clinically unproven remedy to help nearly any social situation; side effects may include spontaneity and panty un-bunching. Doesn’t a drink make everything a bit better? Of course it does. Trust me; I’m a doctor. State Theatre with Sue Richardson My very first job was working at the State Theatre (pre-renovations) when I was but a wee teenage nondrinker. Oh, how we have both grown up. The State Theatre, aside from being the only historical theatre in the region that shows independent and classic movies, has a bar! I mean, I was previously aware I could get a champagne cocktail, but was unawares they featured beer on tap, such as Dust Bowl and Sierra Nevada, some of my favorite wines like Ghost Pines and Dancing Bull, Cold House Vodka, and a long list of my favorite mixed. And the best part is, you and your lovely champagne cocktail are not limited to only the front lobby! No! You and your full cup are allowed to venture into the theatre and enjoy each other’s company while your watching your movie/concert/people making out in the row in front of you. You know I’m kidding about that last bit.

Queen Bean with Kevin Williams Oh, Queen Bean, I’ve been coming to you for so long! Why did no one mention beer?! Actually, it was probably for the best. I need to have at least a few sober afternoons around normal people every now and then. But then there’s beer… and the re-vamped back patio, and the live music, and the art, and the people, and the sandwiches, and the coffee (when it’s too early for beer/ recovery from beer), and everything that makes the Bean the fantastic place I know and love. Sitting on the Bean back patio with a California Delight sandwich and a Sierra Nevada is a truly a thing of beauty. The Bean is also open late night for open mic nights on Sundays and scattered live music throughout the week. I consider the Queen Bean one of Modesto’s distinguishing features, and you must come have a beer on the patio with me if you haven’t been yet.

Bella Vagos Salon with Meagan Coleman I had NO IDEA this existed, and now I’ve penned it into my weekly planner. Every Thursday night, Bella Vagos Salon hosts artisan pizza nights from 5-9, featuring wood-fire pizzas, salads, wine by the glass and bottle, select beers, cider, $10 bottomless bubbles from 5-7, live music, AND the salon is open during all this fun stuff. Are you listening properly? You and I can go into Bella Vagos after work, get our toes done, go outside on their lovely patio, order a bottles wine each (I don’t mess around with the relaxation), get a few Asian pear & gorgonzola pizzas, let our toes dry, and listen to live music — if that doesn’t sound like a tall glass of calm the hell down to you, we should definitely get you a massage before the pizzas come out because Phil and I don’t want to hang out with your stressed out face all night. Oh yes, and gentlemen do not feel left out. DO inquire about Bella Vagos’ men’s corner to join in on the fun. The State Theatre – 1307 J St., Modesto (209) 527-4697 Queen Bean Coffee House – 1126 14th St., Modesto (209) 521-8000 Bella Vagos Salon – 521 McHenry, Modesto (209) 573-8605 ALL of these lovely establishments have Facebook pages! Look them up for reference on upcoming events!



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