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BarView – Dust Bowl Brewing

HOPpy Times at Dust Bowl Brewing Co. By Kate Serpa Photos by Philip Johnson

You know what’s fun? Beer. You know what’s not fun? Whiskey-fueled karaoke incidents involving assault (weapon of choice: tambourine) — hence my absence last month. I wish I was lying.

October is the month of love –and the month of beer. Actually the two are probably synonymous with one another now that I think about it.

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. was entirely Phil’s idea, which is strange considering how much I love Dust Bowl’s fantastic, amazing, perfect beer. It’s my go-to after work libation. Somehow, this girl was lucky enough to meet with Dust Bowl founder and owner, Brett Tate, to talk about my favorite beer. And I’ll tell you honestly, reader, it was truly the first time I’ve ever been nervous going into an interview. Dust Bowl is something I have been in love with since I was first introduced. Meeting Tate was meeting my beer hero. I’ve realized many people in Modesto don’t realize that 1) Dust Bowl is locally owned and operated (Turlock), 2) there’s a tap room where you can go and eat delicious foods, drink delicious drinks, and not smack people in the face with your tambourine because the song they’re singing makes you sad inside. My name is Kate, and I’m here today to spread Dust Bowl awareness. Please take a pamphlet.

The fact that Dust Bowl’s premium, award-winning Hops of Wrath, is amazingly delicious is no surprise. Dust Bowl’s ten-barrel, state of the art brewery is less than a mile away from the tap room, ensuring a fresh pour — and at 300 gallons per beer batch — a whole lot of it. That’s a challenge if I’ve ever heard one.

So come with me, lovely reader, into the beautiful, immaculately outfitted Dust Bowl tap room for a frothy-fun time with Tate, Michelle Peterson (PR), Phil, and assault-committing me. There are fourteen rotating taps of the sweet stuff, with the occasional featured guest tap. Indecisive? I fully recommend getting a sample paddle so you can experience and savor five options at a time. Reference the massive chalkboard over the taps to see what growler bottles (that’s a solid half gallon for you, baby) are also available to fill with your favorite. Dust Bowl is kind enough to also feature $2-off growler fills on Wednesday. Wednesday is my new favorite day.

And now, boys and girls, gather around for a bit of drunk history (crowd cue: cheers and applause). Dust Bowl is not some random name Tate came up with for his company; it has deep historical roots surrounding his family. During the actual Dust Bowl, Tate’s family moved from OK to CA to jumpstart a new life for themselves. Tate’s family history is comparable to his own move from high school sports coach to recognized beer entrepreneur. Nearly every detail fuses his history with a modern twist — from the water mason jars, to the barbed wire, the hobo signs scattered on the walls, to the 1928 original mercantile building to where it is all housed. Tate believes in the story of his family history and fervently represents it in everything he produces. So are we all on the same page about Dust Bowl beer here? I mean, we should be, right? This article has everything! Beer, heroes, historical events, chalkboards, incriminating stories about myself, $2-off growler Wednesdays….. I think we’ve got it all covered. This article really could have just been two words: IT’S AMAZING. Honestly, reader, do yourself a favor and see if Hops of Wrath is featured on tap at your home bar. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Oh, and if anyone asks, we were hanging out on the evening of Sept. 16th. We were not drinking, not doing karaoke, and I did not have a tambourine. I’ll buy you a pint if you do me the favor.

HOPpy Hour: Tuesday – Thursday: 2-5, all day Sunday DB Tap Room: 200 West Main, Turlock, CA – 209.250.2042<>



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