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BarView – Happy Firkin Valentine

Happy Firkin Valentine’s Day!
By Kate Firkin Serpa
Photos by Phil Johnson

Did you freaking see that Modesto ranked #8 on the ten most boring cities in California to live? EIGHTH? Eighth place means no medals, no trophies, no good. Eighth place doesn’t even get us a sympathetic pat on the back. The survey was compounded by the number of bars, clubs, activities, and musical events per capita. Pause. Have you seen the back of this here paper in your hand? PAGES of sh*t to do, events, social functions spanning Oakdale to Turlock. There’s so much going on we have to print it in type so microscopic I have to use the bottom of a pint glass to enlarge it. People, your Valentine’s date is officially the City of Modesto — and we’re going to make it sexy, spread local love, and the Firkin & Fox is going to help.

Firkin manager Devry Thayer is not an often sung hero, nor is he documented in any history books, but, damn, is he an excellent bartender. Not to get too mushy on you, but Devry played cupid for my ongoing relationship with the Fox, because let’s face it — anyone can pour a drink, but to do it with personality? That is a fine tuned talent. Devry states, “What we sell is ourselves; we sell a great relationship with our customers, we appreciate everyone, and we hope they always come back.” And I do come back, nearly every damn weekend. I just can’t quit you.

If you’ve driven downtown, you know Firkin is at the heart; it’s within walking distance to the State, Fat Cat, Gallo Center, and Brenden. Devry states about the Fox’s prime location: “There’s a definite sense of community here because of where we are. We’re a great in-between place for anywhere you’re going.”

So what does Firkin have to do with Modesto being the 8th ‘Most Boring’ place? Absolutely nothing! Aside from their 12+ rotating taps, ample spirit selection, two-storied pub dining, multiple TVs broadcasting all of your teams (including a giant projector for the really important games), and a patio perfect for people watching, the Fox is also delivering constant live music, beer tastings, $8 flights, and exceptional bartenders such as Devry and the lovely Courtney Boyd. Being at the heart of downtown is one thing; generating a beat is a altogether different feat. Nearly every day at Firkin is packed with diners, drinkers, and a brimming patio because the establishment is absolutely everything but boring. Obviously our survey-takers didn’t make it to the Firkin & Fox, or I gather we’d have a quite a different ranking. Lightweight losers.

“But, Kate!” Cries Phil. “This is supposed to be a Valentine’s-themed bar review! Put down the Dust Bowl and focus!” Now, I genuinely love Valentine’s Day, but I think it gives most people a case of the barfs because of the stress. I don’t blame you. Non-Firkin restricted time-slot dinner reservation seatings? Non-Firkin jacked-up dinner and drink prices? My sanity and wallet say, “No, thank you.” Sanity and wallet do say “yes,” however, to a no-frills fun atmosphere, excellent bar service via Devry and Courtney and the rest of the Firkin & Fox staff, delicious burgers, beer, and Irish Nachos all delivered at the center of downtown Modesto. Modesto, make this Valentine’s Day anything but boring with some excellent Firkin.

1111 I St., Modesto, CA




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