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BarView – Healthy Drinking

By Kate Serpa
Photos by Philip Johnson

Trotting Towards Health: Greens on Tenth

I have a healthy family. They enjoy running; I enjoy sandwiches. Their idea of a fun vacation involves outdoorsy hikes; I would rather sleep in. They say, “Egg white omelet?” Negative — I vote mimosas and bacon. When I think ‘running, outdoors, and breakfast’ all in the same go, the first thing that comes to mind is the annual November Turkey Trot, which my family participates in every year. The Turkey Trot, for those of you not in the know, is an outdoor run of some too-long indiscriminate length that happens in the morning, on Thanksgiving, that I have yet to participate in because that’s a whole cornucopia of ‘no’ on my end. I applaud you health types, I just know myself well enough to realize I can’t do it. Or, can I?

You see Phil is one of those healthy types, too. He rides his bike voluntarily, he goes out during daylight hours, and he’s always talking about Greens on Tenth. “They have beautiful, organic, local foods,” he said. “Do they have a bar?” I responded. And then Phil said the magic words: “Yes, they do.”

Firstly, Greens on Tenth is a beautiful space — high ceilings, huge windows, fresh flowers, sleek interior, a wine cellar, and tons of rentable party space to boot. Ann Blair Endsley, owner and operator of Greens, was kind enough to elaborate further.

She states: “The whole Greens company started because we have an organic farm. We started a small market that was all organic produce and specialty items, and after about a week after opening people wanted to sit down and enjoy the items we made. This space was originally a separate kitchen to prepare items for the market. Customers began knocking on the door here, so we decided to put some tables down.” She continued, “I didn’t set out to make a bar happen. The Greens business has adapted to what our customers have asked for. It has all evolved very organically.”

The result is a sophisticated stop near the heart of downtown Modesto, offering menu and bar items so enticing it’s likely to make even the non-health conscious (such as myself) take note. Freshly squeezed organic juices coupled with Cold House vodkas (such as the pictured fresh pomegranate & Cold House martini), local wines, craft bottled beer, and a ‘organic whenever possible’ bar menu to match (Paleo, vegan, and gluten-free all welcome) provide a dining experience that is not only en pointe, but also mostly organically based, locally produced, and, dare I say, a bit good for you.

One bar aspect Endsley is particularly excited about is their artisan gelato production. The Greens team has been working to infuse ice pops with a boozy touch to make savory sweet treats. Served up in champagne flutes and mixed with organic flavors, these are a definite don’t-miss. The mojito selection is supposed to be exceptionally dreamy.

Endsley states her mission is to provide quality jobs, food, and service through Greens in the Modesto community — and her affirmation seems almost too good to be true, but she’s working it. Farm-fresh produce runs to both market and restaurant, fueling an attention and commitment towards excellent local produce and culinary detail, thereby establishing Greens on Tenth as a fantastic dining AND drinking stop on the downtown map.

All this health talk has gotten me awfully motivated. I think I might actually sign up for the Turkey Trot this year. Watch out, Modesto.

953 Tenth Street, Modesto, CA



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