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BarView-Pinky Drinks

BarView Pinky Drinks By Kate Serpa Photos by Philip Johnson

Nothing says pink, warm, and sticky quite like venereal disease, except for possibly Valentine’s Day.  My original theme for February’s bar article was going to be “Love Drips”, but that afforded me more disgusting pun-ammo that was really appropriate for a segment on amore.  On a related note, Valentine’s Day is by far my favorite holiday (although I’m really not sure why), so I decided to drag poor Phil to the places I would most want to go on V-Day.

And thus, in the spirit of the Hallmark holiday of love, Phil and I ventured around downtown Modesto to find you, attractive reader, beautiful love-day cocktails– pinky drinks!  So come with Phil and I on a magical downtown Modesto tunnel of drinking love in our pinkie-drink boozy valentine to you.  Awww <3!

1st Stop- Minnie’s “Jerk”
When I think of pink Modesto cocktails, the Minnie’s Jerk is obviously crown jewel of that list.  I make it no secret that Minnie’s is my favorite Modesto bar, and that is due to the fact that Diane Marceuerquiaga is my favorite bartender.

You and I both know that I cannot give you the Jerk recipe due to its’ top-secret confidential ingredient (moonshine), but I can tell you Jerk-virgins out there that there’s a dangerous injection  of 151 in the straw waiting to pounce on you after your first sip.  If you’re feeling extra feisty, have Diane make you a “Jerk-Off” which serves you a double-dose of the sweet nectar.  Enter your own Jerk-Off/Valentine’s Day joke here.

2nd Stop- Fuzio Universal Bistro “Cherry Lemon Drop”
Having a bar adjacent to a movie theatre is one of life’s beautiful combinations.  Other beautiful combinations include: coffee and cigarettes, summertime and mojitos, controversy and competitive bicycling, Sinatra and slow dancing, and the lovely Jessica Hailey and a Fuzio’s
Cherry Lemon Drop.

-1 1Ž2 oz. Cold House Cherry Vodka
– 1Ž2 squeezed lemon
– 1Ž2 oz. Triple Sec
-Splash of lemonade
-Drizzle of Maraschino Cherry Juice
-Shake and strain into a sugar-rimmed chilled martini glass.

I have had nothing but excellent times at Fuzio’s, and that is probably due to the fact Jessica is behind the one making me drinks every time I’ve been.  Not only is Fuzio pouring out from a full bar, they also offer live music and movie ticket discounts with dinner purchases.  Pretty much a fantastic date spot, people, and I did all of the scouting work for you.

3rd Stop- Tresetti’s World Caffé “Pomegranate of My Eye”
Tresetti’s is one of my favorite haunts, and that is completely due to the amazing staff that works there.  Lately, I’ve been borderline stalking Greg Stephens because not only does he have  excellent taste in music, he also serves up a most excellent Old Fashioned.
Greg made this pomegranate-based martini just for this pinky-drink feature.  He did it because he loves me! … or that’s just what I keep telling myself.

-2 1Ž2 oz. Pomegranate Vodka
-1 oz. Pomegranate Liqueur
– 1Ž2 oz. Cranberry Juice
-Fresh Lemon Juice
-Shake and strain into a chilled sugar-rimmed martini glass.

So this drink is a bit like love, people– bit sweet, a bit sour, and may result in legal action if you suck down too much of it at once.  It just depends how you prefer your love/liquor.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

All of the above establishments are doing something fun for Valentine’s Day!  Check out their respective sites for more information and upcoming events:



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