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BarView – Twin Rivers

BarView Twin Rivers Saloon- Bar and Grill

By Kate Serpa Photos by Michael J Mangano

I have driven down Highway 132 en route to drunken debauchery in San Francisco more times than I should ethically let you know.  Each time I’ve made the trek, I’ve always passed the Twin Rivers Saloon, previously the Mint Club, and have thought  to myself: “I should actually GO there sometime.”  But alas, I never did, until recently.  Suited up with my friend, photographer Michael J., from Michael J. Designs, as my official designated driver (I knew what I was in for) and picture-taker, we headed out to the Twin Rivers for ‘Grill Your Own Steak’ Tuesday.

So in the best interest of any other readers who have never ventured to the Twin Rivers, I have ever so graciously complied the following tips for your first-time-visiting consideration.  You’re welcome.

1.  Go on a Tuesday- This so happens to be‘Grill Your Own Steak Night’.  You may not realize from the exterior, but the Twin Rivers boasts a sizable backyard, complete with horseshoe pits andstage, which they definitely need to facilitate the number of people that attend this weekly event.  Mind you, I have never, ever grilled my own steak before, and this evening brought me to the unfortunate conclusionthat I legitimately suck at it.  Thankfully, I had an entire bar of obliging BBQ experts to assist my pathetic self. I am admittedly a barfly, and I have yet to find a better summertime Tuesday night activity.

I recommend coming in slightly starved on Tuesday because you’re going to be getting quite the arm-toning exercise picking up and putting down your plate.  Tuesday night dinner consist of a 10 oz. Angus sirloin, green salad, baked beans, and garlic bread, all completely house made, and under $11.

2.  Be nice to Faye Sarai- Not only is she an awesome person and bartender, I also suspect she may be able to kick anyone’s ass who may cross her; and I really mean that.  Needless to say I was a tad intimidated by this drink-slinging, quick-witted, Fireball-slamming bartender whom everyone respectfully addresses by name.  She can also carry five full pint glasses in one hand, which I thought was of Cirque du Soleil caliber in both coordination and talent.  She is also the very first bartender to make me a drink involving tomato juice that I didn’t have to pretend to like.

Faye has been at the Twin for about 5 1Ž2 years and is clearly a favorite among bar patrons; no wonder since our interview was punctuated by her pouring drinks, making fantastic food, and carrying on atleast three separate conversations simultaneously.  One customer stated: “When you walk through the door, you know you’re welcome, but Faye makes this place a blast.” Faye, in turn, has quite the soft spot for the bar as well, stating: “My best friends are the ones that come here; I have no reason to go anywhere else.” Aww…

3.  Fantastic food- The Twin Rivers is notonly a sizable bar, it’s also a great restaurant (hence the ‘grill’ bit in the name) which prides itself on its homemade, local produce, and from-scratch quality.  Rubens, burgers, salads, and anything “beer-battered and deep-fried” is on the menu.  Ask about the Oakie Tacos.

4.  It’s not as far as you think- “But, Kate,” you say, “the Twin Rivers is sooooooo far away!  It would take forever to get there!”  Not so, I would reply.  For your information I clocked the distance between the Twin Rivers and downtown Modesto and it was just under eight miles

5.  Lastly, some quick words to the wise.  Have a designated driver (or a cab number on hand) because you’re not going to want to leave; the 100+ bottle bar, combined with seven beers on tap and the cocktail-styling of Faye make for an amazing time. Ladies, do not wear your favorite bra; the dollar-wallpapered bar is flecked with the occasional brassiere from late-night fun at the Twin.  And finally, I encourage you not to attempt to engage Faye in any sort of drinking contest; you wouldn’t stand a chance.
Tuesday- Grill Your Own Steak Night
Friday-  All-You-Can-Eat Clam Chowder
Every Night- Awesome Drinks

7000 Maze Boulevard  Modesto, CA

Faye’s Beer
What you’re going to do:
In a salt-rimmed pint glass, combine-
-1/2 shot vodka
-4 olives, juice included
-A few pepperoncini slices
-Squeeze of lime
-Dash of spices
-Bit of tomato juice
-Top off with your favorite beer
Note: Now I warn you, ModestoView readers, I was told by more than one person that “Faye is the only one that can make this drink right.”  So I recommend, once you have been dissatisfied with your numerous failed attempts at constructing this to perfection—do yourself a favor and just go see Faye to have it done properly.



About the Author:

Kate Serpa does not live in Modesto, CA, nor does she attend court-reporting school. She has not played for the piano for a number of years and she is definitely not excited about helping out at the McHenry Museum. She detests drinking, bar hopping, and late night adventures, and thinks girls who dye their hair red are disgraceful. She has absolutely zero sense of humor and is boring as hell.