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Boo! Zombies are coming Modesto USA!

You think you know someone and then you find out they are zombies!

The Moradian family really is a good looking upstanding Modesto family, but they were super good sports when we wanted to have them go full zombie for our October cover, which is one of our fave projects of the year.

Micheal J Mangano worked his award winning magic and created this fantasy cover and Pete Grimaldi stitched it all together. Mike, Kathy and their kids are all out of this world with the help of our friends at DayDreams and Nightmares on 7th St. (you need to get your Halloween costume there) and the fantastic make up skills of Dana Walters. Amberly Ortiz and Amber Marie Tomson.

Thank you so much to all of our friends here in Modesto that make it great to live here. Thanks to the fantastic ViewCrew for a otherwordly zombie October issue. Read now at

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