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BrewView: Bourbon Barrel in Sonora

BrewView: Bourbon Barrel
by Christopher Mitchell & Brandilyn Brown
We are loving this California summer, but everyone needs a break sometimes. If you find yourself wanting to escape the heat, head north up the hill to the Bourbon Barrel in Sonora, for a nice cold beverage to cool you down.

It has an 1850’s feel, but with modern twists, such as the unisex bathroom which pays homage to “Bonanza”, and the USB ports for charging your cell phones or vapes. The bartenders sport vests and ties, and most of the males have long beards, no doubt to tip their hats to the 49’ers who panned for gold in the area 167 years ago.

Doug Kennedy, owner and fellow whiskey fan, met with us to give us a little taste of bourbon heaven.
They carry over 180 different kinds of bourbon, so it doesn’t matter if you like traditional, dry, triple-distilled, chipotle or mint: you will find a new favorite here. And that’s our goal every month! To find a new favorite drink to share with you. Brandi’s favorite was the Bird Dog Blackberry, and Chris enjoyed the Do Good Cherrywood best, while we both adored the mixed beverage “Willie’s Tea”, named after, you guessed it, local musician Willie T. Taylor. It’s a delicious, minty-almost-green-tea beverage. Get it while you can, because it won’t last long!

They are planning quite an expansion to hit next Spring. The plans include a wine & beer garden a.k.a “Adult Disneyland” which will delight our taste buds, and a retail store to buy sauces, merchandise, local goodies and more. Another fun fact, their beer tap is ice…literally, ice! Maybe if you ask real nice, and tell ‘em we sent you, they’ll let you touch it.

MV: “Why Sonora?”
DK: “We’re trying to revitalize downtown Sonora with good food, spirits and entertainment. We’re a fun town! We want to provide a nice night out for our neighbors.”
MV: “What’s your favorite drink here?”
DK: “It’s hard to say. Willie’s T is a great summer drink.”
MV: “How about your favorite beer and wine, for the new garden?”
DK: “Ballast Point Pineapple, and Murphy’s Mining & Railroad.”
MV: “Beatles or Stones?”
DK: “Oh, that is hard. I like both for different reasons. I can’t choose!”

Bourbon Barrel
208 S. Green St, Sonora
Live music Friday & Saturday nights. Check facebook for more info.



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