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Last Call Brewing
“Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy it.”-Stephan Beaumont

When you think of Oakdale, you likely think, “The place Hershey used to be.”, “Cows!”, and “Isn’t that where we stop on our way to Sonora?”. All three are correct, but now you can add another thought, “Let’s swing by Last Call Brewery!” Nestled into this quiet little town like an oasis, you’d almost think it was a mirage. (But it’s not!)

And who doesn’t want to visit an oasis and drink and an ice cold beer? Served in a refrigerated glass, their beer is sure to cool you off and quench your thirst. They’ve been a favorite watering hole for locals since 2015, and it’s no wonder why. Owner Josh Garcia has been brewing about 8 years and started just like most of us do: with a kit from Barley and Wine, in Modesto. His first batch was a Hefeweizen, an excellent choice! His enthusiasm grew and now he offers some of the best beer in California.

Josh chatted with us over a flight of their 7 beers on tap, and we must admit it was hard to choose a favorite. Mitchell liked the 75 Minute Pal Ale, 5.3% ABV, and describes it as refreshingly crisp. Brandi’s fav was the Sexhoppolis IPA, 5.5% ABV, a fruity and lightly sweet IPA without the bitter aftertaste that usually makes her pass right over IPAs. A runner up for both of us is the 108pricot, so make sure to try it, too!

Bring your buds out for corn hole, board games or watch some TV. If you’re anything like us two chatterboxes, this is also a great place to make conversation with those around you. It’s especially easy when your starting point for things in common is a great taste in beer! Go from there and make a friend or two.
You might recognize them from Central Valley Brewfest. If you sampled their beer and want more, visit today!
944 Shepard Ct. Suite C, Oakdale, CA 95361
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Hours: Friday 4pm-8pm, Sat. 12pm-8pm, Sun. 12pm-5pm.




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