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ChefView – American Graffiti Crusin’ Cuisine

Chef View By Dana Johnson

American Graffiti Cruisin’ Cuisine!

Me, Dana~licious and the Modesto View’s very own sales manager, Blia Vang decided to experience American Graffiti (AG) beyond just cruisin’, we ate it! AG has its very own distinctive classic car collection, guys with slicked back hair, and girls in pony tails and poodle skirts! Though many of these classic looks have changed, the All American classic food is still made the same way and is highly consumed throughout Modesto!

So there we were cruisin’ down McHenry when our first stop was the Village Bakery in McHenry Village. So, I’m thinking apple pie, a traditional American favorite. To my surprise Village Bakery only has fresh baked apple pie during the holidays unless you call 48 hours ahead they’d be happy to bake it fresh for you! The next surprise had Blia & I both saying we had no idea that the Village Bakery has Gourmet Casper Hot Dogs on their menu! So keeping with our AG theme, I tried the (BLT) bacon, lettuce, & tomato dog, it was the bomb! Blia mowed down the Taco Dog, smothered in salsa, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, & tomatoes washed down with a Pepsi all at 11 in the morning! You may also want to enjoy the Chicago style hot dog or perhaps get the basic dog to get your AG on! Don’t forget to get a dozen of their chocolate chip cookies to take along for sharing while cruising AG style, too!

Next stop cruisin’ on McHenry was the Velvet Creamery with over 30 flavors of ice cream & 5-6 special flavors featured every month! So for those of you who don’t know Blia, she is a tiny lil’ hottie that is looking at me like ‘really we are going to eat again?!’ LOL very hard, we’re barely getting started! Bring on some more AG classics & let the ordering begin! 1 bacon cheeseburger & fries, 1 triple decker thick toast grilled American cheese & sweet potato fries, a side of veggie soup, Tuscany soup, too, a chocolate milkshake, root beer float, and yes, we were ecstatic as they had homemade apple pie ala mode! Yep, our tummies were feeling full and our lips were delighted by all that had passed through them! Needless to say we passed on the banana split as tomorrow is another day!

Last but not least, Blia & I cruised over to Oakdale Road to the 5 minute Car Wash where you can often find some cool rides getting their shine on! This is so much more than a car wash, inside you will find a unique gift store with something for everyone, and yes more food being prepared fresh in the My Garden Café’. Blia now is looking at me like she’s in total disbelief that I’m going to order more AG food for us to sample on. Come on Blia you gotta try this “Best Breakfast in Town” all American breakfast to be sure it’s worthy of our discriminate taste when it comes to sharing a recommendation with our spoiled Modesto Chef Viewers! So as we bellied up to the quaint café table we both suddenly found room for another round of food! Tender ham steak, eggs sunny side up, country potatoes with peppers & onions, alongside a short stack of hotcakes topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream! Then our awesome server Teri said the hot chocolate is also very good. Blia go for it! It was all Dana~licious and we look forward to coming back to try the homemade jam they are famous for!

I have been a regular patron of all 3 of these terrific restaurants over the years; it was my privilege as Blia has now indulged & experienced the Dana~licious eye roll in all 3 places for the very 1st time!

Modesto View’s signature question: Blia, Beatles or Stones? “Can I just say I’m too young?” NO! Beatles then she said, I asked why when we both knew she was just sucking up to Chris Murphy, the Boss! We both had a genuine full belly laugh!

By Dana Johnson



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