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ChefView – Cleaning Up for 2016

Chef View

Happy New You!

Clean Slate, Clean Plate!

By Dana Johnson

Happy New You! I don’t know what kind of food frenzy you were on during the holiday season but if it was anything like mine, it’s time to clean up the food act!!! 2016 gives each of us a clean slate thank goodness to make some fresh choices. I have it on excellent authority, Modesto View’s owner and publisher, Chris Murphy, that John Surla of Surla’s restaurant has a brand new clean eats menu. Given the stellar reputation that John has earned over the years we can count on him to deliver nothing less than the best when it comes to his food creations! He will still offer his already tasty menu as well for those who have to have their favorites!

I’d also like to introduce you awesome chef viewers to Matt Martin of Valley Meal Prep! Here’s what he shared with me: “As a Chef in the Modesto and Northern Ca area over the last 10 years, I’ve noticed people eat unhealthy “Fast Food” daily! So I thought why not offer a healthy “Fast Food” option and help people live a healthy lifestyle while saving time. So I decided to bring Healthy Fast Food to the Northern Ca Area! Here at VMP we offer healthy gourmet meals delivered to your door! Using the best lean proteins, healthy carbohydrates and organic vegetables from local farmers. Meals are easily ordered online @ and we do deliver throughout the Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto and Bay Area. Meals are refrigerator fresh for 5 days and freezer safe for 30 days! We do the shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning and deliver it to your door to give you more time in your work week!”

Super cool, right?! What I most liked is that Matt takes the guess work out of counting calories, proteins, carbs etc. especially when my doctor is rattling off a list and a protocol for me to follow that sounds like foreign currency exchange! Yikes! 2 more outstanding facts that I totally appreciate is that I can order just for me or for my family. But more exciting is after reviewing his already-nice menu, I am one of those picky eaters and you will now find a few Dana~licious recipes on his menu for you to try as well! Like the turkey meatloaf sandwich, the meat is the bread & inside is egg whites, spinach, and zucchini! Oh yeah hand-held & Dana~licious is now delivered & on the go! Yes, check out the red sauce with grilled chicken, black & brown rice combo, and green chard that I created to be extra Dana~licous, too!

Chef John Surla Cleans us up!

By Chris Murphy

Clean eating can be a chore, and sometimes it is not really that tasty. But, our good friend John Surla has one of the tastiest clean entrees we have ever had. Seriously, even if you are not a fan of clean eating, you will love this “big salad”. It is super tasty with an amazing vinaigrette dressing (we scooped the recipe) and generous portions of grilled chicken. Surla’s has so many clean options, excellent salmon, appetizers and entrees that make it easy to eat clean, and feel like you indulged in the richest tastes.

This fantastic entrée has just about everything healthy you could need.
Cilantro Lime Chicken Breast, Quinoa, Green Beans, Organic Kale, Napa Cabbage, Pomegranate, Shredded Carrots, Basil, Parsley, Balsamic Gastrique, Lemon-Thyme Vinaigrette (Very Low Salt) and there you have it, the tastiest and the cleanest.

Here is the best part, you can get this to-go. Call in, it will be ready and you can make it the best and cleanest box lunch and feel great all day. The ViewCrew gives it two thumbs up! This is one of our fave local lunches.

431 12th St, Modesto, CA 95354

Valley Meal Prep


Remember if it’s going in your mouth it may also land in the waistline! So many of Modesto’s restaurants have clean eating menus, just ask! Remember to treat yourself to dining out in a guilt free and healthy way!

Modesto View Signature Question:

Beatles or Stones?

To Matt Martin: “Stones, I’m way too energetic for the Beatles!” Nice to start the new year with this great energy and I didn’t have to twist his arm!

To Chef John Surla: Beatles!


Matt’s Lean Turkey Chilli-
3# 97% Lean Ground turkey
2 12 oz cans of kidney beans drained and rinsed
2 12 oz cans of Pinto beans drained and rinsed
1 32 oz can tomato sauce
1 32 oz can small diced tomato
2 surrano peppers sliced
2 packs Mrs Dash No Sodium Chilli seasoning packs

Brown turkey meat in a pot. Add all ingredients in with the meat, Let simmer for 30 minutes.

The Surla Clean Eats Secret Weapon Dressing
1 part champagne vinegar
1 part olive oil
1 tsp Dijon mustard
Season with salt and pepper.
This is a multi purpose dressing you will love



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