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ChefView – Thai One On!

Chef View
By Dana Johnson


It was an unassuming Tuesday when I was pondering what the Chef Viewers might like to sample on in the hot month of August. I asked my friends Colleen and Ron of Direct Appliance if they had a recommendation for amazing Thai food in Modesto; it seemed like a no brainer when they both said Tasty Thai. I immediately headed over to check it out. What a wonderful surprise to walk through the door of the 2nd location on Floyd that opened back in 2007, it looks brand new! It smelled incredible at my first hungry whiff. Yep, I was about to Thai one on!

Laureano Salva. Jr. is the general manager who is better known as “J” and who is involved in many areas of the restaurant. So naturally I wanted to begin my dining experience with refreshment. The cocktail menu was filled with numerous concoctions that I’ve never come across before. A lychee martini, x-rated cosmo, and a few drinkies that are made with homemade Hibiscus syrup! See recipe on this page. The Hibiscus Martini was a stellar choice for me looking to cool down from another temperature rising day.

The lunch menu possess an impressive 23 selections to choose from and are all only $8 including steamed rice, salad, and eggroll! Now that’s a tasty outstanding deal! I learned that “pad” in Thai food means fried rice noodles and tasty Thai has many varieties to choose from including; Pad Kraprao, Pad Sweet & Sour, Pad Cashew Nuts, and so much more. Since everything is made to order Tasty Thai prides its dishes and is well known for accommodating its customers as the spicy level can be modified! Owner, Park Praneet, explained to me how on his menu there are 4 different kinds of curry; red, yellow, green, & panang. He provided me insight to a few differences in Chinese & Thai cooking. Thai food can be a lil’ more spicy, but easily adjusted to a milder taste, it’s less sweet, and I now know what I love about Thai food, it tends to have more garlic, mmmm so Dana~licious! I so enjoyed my pad! The dinner menu has close to 100 choices to keep you coming back as the mix and match Dana~licious style has 1000’s of combinations to explore! Don’t forget to try the appetizers and soup; too, they will surely complete my true meaning that it’s worth it to Thai One On!

Park opened his 1st location on Coffee back in 1999 and his brother Pat Praneet owns Thailand Restaurant on 10th Street in Modesto. I asked Park where he sees himself in 5 years from now & he’d love to incorporate Japanese food such a sushi on his menu. When Park goes out he likes to go to Sushi Garden. He introduced me to Thai Ice Tea, I can’t explain it, but it should be made available on every street corner! Nothing like what I expected, tastes like dessert, order, love it! Plus order dessert, too! Fried banana & ice cream or maybe the sweet rice mango!!!

Modesto View Signature Question; Beatles or Stones? Park said Beatles only because he likes softer music in the restaurant, but he personally likes the Stones, too! He really prefers Thai music but agreed it sometimes depends on the timing of the music.

Tasty Thai Recipe;
Hibiscus Martini
2 parts Absolute citron
1 part triple sec
a splash of homemade hibiscus syrup

Chill in a martini shaker with ice, strain into martini glass.

Serve up with a lime wedge.

Tasty Thai Restaurant and Bar

(2 Modesto locations)

Original location; 1401 Coffee Road Ste. D (209) 571-8424

2nd location: Village One Plaza, 3020 Floyd Ave. #105 (209) 551-4200

Hours; M-F Lunch 11am- 2:30pm, Dinner 4:30pm-9pm

Sat./Sun. Lunch Noon-3pm, Dinner 4:30pm-9pm

Facebook: Tasty Thai Modesto

see available catering, banquet room, and call/fax ahead ordering options



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