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Just Skewer Me & Grill Me!

Do not fry me! As my dining choices continue to get more spoiled and selective, I was most delighted by my very first experience at the renowned Skewers Kabob House. I am a mega carnivore and there is something cool about biting delectable meats off of a skewer! Grilled meats are especially flavorful with the perfect balance of herbs and spices to enhance the meat without over-powering it. Skewers have impressively showcased this from the menu to the table.

Brad Morad and his dad, Jonathan Morad have been 50-50 partners in their restaurant sensation for 10 years this April. Skewers inhabits the location formerly Lotus Restaurant that was in business for 48 astounding years! Brad, spry at 38, is hands-on throughout all the facets of the restaurants day-to-day business. He has been married to his wife, Pauline, for 13 yrs. and they have 3 children. Naturally he loves kabobs and he confessed to liking mountain oysters (google that haha!),too! He’d like to open a second skewers right here in Modesto, of course I recommended in my neighborhood at Floyd and Roselle! Brad, the man is the chairman of DED (Downtown Entertainment District) as well as being a board member of DID (Downtown Improvement District), impressive commitment to Modesto to say the least! Thank you! Jonathan is the executive chef and can be found at the restaurant 7 days a week! His wife Florence has conveniently opened Passion Boutique in Feb. 2013 also on J St. The family also owns Sapphire Hooka Lounge, and yes, it’s on J St.!

The keys to a successful restaurant don’t rely solely on the delicious food. Staffing and service make all the difference. So when I met Kristin O’Brien, Skewers general manager, a total hottie at age 37, I was like wow, your dedication to Skewers has to be the only reason you are single! We both smiled and laughed inwardly as I can see how much she loves Skewers and her rewarding career. I still want to find her a great date! It was also delightful to be waited on by Erin. She has a genuinely happy demeanor and a professional work ethic. That is so refreshing to experience especially from one so young.

Plate after plate, Brad was ecstatic for me to try everything! No argument here! I started with the Mediterranean sampler, Dolma, Hummus, Eggplant Dip, Shiraz Salad, and Cucumber Dip made with homemade yogurt! Only $12 to try all that! I also dined on Rack of Lamb & Garlic Saffron Chicken that can be summed up in a word, Dana~licious!!! The rice was amazing, the lightest basmati I’ve ever had. The rice is a recipe that is 1000’s of years old stemming from the Persian culture that takes 24 hours to prepare. Somehow I managed to find room for 2 desserts! Crème Brule and Baklava flown in from Detroit as Brad said he’d only serve the best! Wow!

Come to Skewers for the food, the service, the pleasing atmosphere, or perhaps for the happy hour Mon. thru Fri. 4-7pm with $3 appetizers including mini skewers, $3 cocktails, and $2 beers. Get your extra savings via value gift certificates sold at Costco. Skewers also have banquet rooms accommodating up to 100 people. On Saturday nights from 7-9pm don’t miss the live belly-dancer performing throughout the restaurant. She entertains the guests with traditional Mediterranean cultural dancing as she heightens the dining experience.

Modesto View signature question: Beatles or Stones? Brad answered both are way out of my age range! Whatever I still don’t feel old!!! So he made a bad guess of Beatles over Stones, but all is forgiven as I’m still enjoying all the leftover he generously sent me home with!

Skewers (Kabob House)

906 J Street (corner of J & 9th)

Modesto, CA 95356

(209) 525-3611

Hours: Mon-Wed 11am to 9:30pm

Thursday & Friday 11am to 2am

Saturday Noon to 2am

Sunday Noon to 9pm

Face book: Skewers<>



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