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Chulavista Rose

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Chulavista Rose By Efren Martinez

While in Cabo San Lucas, you don’t have to look far to find a Chulavista. In fact, a beautiful view is every which way you look if your staying at Pueblo Bonito’s Rose. At the end of January, I found myself there once again to start my open water training for my upcoming Triathlons. Los Cabos has many wonderful resorts, but my preferred has always been The Rose. The Rose is a 5 Diamond Resort & Spa that’s rated by many travel agencies to be one of the top 10 resort in all of Mexico. The service is exceptional, the food is world class delicious and the accommodations would satisfy even the most ritzy entertainers. In fact, The Rose has had celebrities vacation there such as Leonardo Decarpio, Sammy Hagar, and Luis Miguel as well as well as this wannabe big time super star Efren J. All kidding aside, even though I’m nowhere near being an international superstar, the staff at The Rose makes everyone feel as if they are. For me, their state of the art gym makes me feel right at home and their Armonia Spa offers services and products that could only be compared to those of the same in Beverly Hills and Europe. If your an epicure, The Rose offers several restaurant experiences that range from a causal setting over looking The Sea of Cortez for breakfast or lunch to a romantic Italian cuisine upstairs with ocean views. The most elegant restaurant The Rose offers is called Fellinis and reservations are recommended due to the fact that many celebrities and dignitaries have been known to fly into Cabo just to enjoy this world renowned Italian Ristorante. The cost? Its not much more than any other world renowned dining experience in San Francisco, CA.

During my stay, it wasn’t all about open water training. My wife and I did take advantage of the many pleasures of the resort. These included lounging on the beach, enjoying their beach activities as well as having fun with the many pool activities the staff offer in and out of their enormous pool throughout the day. If lounging isn’t for you, Los Cabos has numerous activities that the resort can help you book such as sport fishing, scuba diving, whale watching and my personal favorite, jetpack water gliding. Jetpack water gliding is farley new and a big hit in Los Cabos. It’s literally that, a water jetpack that is strapped onto your back allowing you to float above the water. The faster the exiting flow of water, the higher you go. It’s really very cool, you control the flow of seawater exiting the jetpack by a hand held throttle so you can create your own Buck Rogers water jetpacked experience. At first it can be a little challenging, but after you get the hang of it, it’s great fun to be able to walk and/or even fly across the sea.

In the evenings, The Rose offers a different theme of entertainment every night. Our personal favorite is relaxing with DJ Miguel at the beach bar as he displays music videos of concerts on a the big screen of various artists. If live shows and audience participation is more your speed, The Rose puts on two fabulous shows such as a Grease musical and another popular favorite Carnival. Both shows are awesome that included lots of singing and theatrical dancing and acrobats with a grand finally that includes the guests dancing on the stage. If big crowds aren’t your speed and you would prefer more of a romantic setting with your partner, The Rose can make it happen. On our last night there I decided to celebrate the love that I have for my wife with a private dinner on the beach, February 2nd, Super Bowl Sunday. The beach was practically empty, it was me, my wife and a bunch of women who looked on from their balconies to watch our romantic beach dinner setting. I’m sure theses ladies’ husbands might have not been too far from them, after all my wife and I could hear them all cheering on our 49ers in all the Super Bowl parties that were happening at our resort. Our dinner took place shortly after kickoff, the sun was just getting ready to set with the view of lands end as our backdrop. World renowned Chief, Jose Guadalupe Gomes, came out and introduced him self with his assistant bringing along a bottle of Champaign. The whole dinner setting was lovely and while most of the world was celebrating football, we were celebrating us and our 23 years of being happy together. If your planning to make The Rose in Los Cabos one of your future vacation spots, I put together a short list below to save you time and money for your Rose Holiday.

For more information on Pueblo Bonito Rose or to make reservations, I’ve included the website here. Sr. Efren J Martinez

1. Time Share Presentation. I know what some of you are thinking, but I say do it! It only takes about 90 minutes if that, they feed you a great meal and at the end of the presentation you can walk away with many gifts that could include free spa treatments and lots of money in restaurant credits. Being an owner of this very resort, I often take advantage of the presentation to not only find out about the new changes and perks from being an owner, but to take advantage of the free gifts. Their sales approach is straight forward, they know what they are offering is an exceptional deal, but don’t push it all that hard. Why? The offer basically sells itself and if you don’t buy it, they know it’s most likely because it just might not fit your particular needs at that time. Friends, it’s as easy as that and you will leave happily full with a handshake and many free gifts for you to uses on your vacation while at The Rose.

2. Like them on facebook for 50% off! Every so often they offer 50% off deals on such services as spa treatments, dinners and other specialty services. Simply like them, print the offer then present it at checkout for redemption.

3. Make sure you tip your house keeper early on, doing so may bring on many surprises from your house keeper and it’s also the right thing to do.

4. If you plan to enjoy any of the themed shows or have dinner at Fellinis, make sure you make reservations. Fellinis is a world famous Ristorante and even though the hotel guests take priority over outside guests, it’s best to make reservations.

5. One of the best times to go to Los Cabos to avoid the crowds is in September, by then, the rainy season is all but ended and the kids are back in school so the resort is not as busy.

6. If you are big into fishing, then you’ve probably heard of the Bisbee Fishing Tournament. Every October the worlds best fisherman head to Los Cabos for a chance to land one of the big ones for part of the millions of dollars up for grabs. In 2006 The Black & Blue had its biggest overall cash payout of $4,165,960. This was, and remains, the largest payout in sport fishing history. So, if your looking for a quite Los Cabos vacation, you might want to avoid that time of the month in October.

More info on The Bisbee fishing tournaments here



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