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CountryView – Randy Mandy Band

By DJ Walker, KAT Country 103

When you read the headlines and hear the latest reports of Modesto it can sometimes draw a divergent sketch of what is truly a remarkable landscape of the Central Valley. Travel just a few miles outside Modesto, and you’re surrounded by Country. Farms, Ranches, communities and people who work hard, play hard and have each other’s backs. Together on back porches or down by the river, local musicians sing about life growing up in the country.

Amanda & Randy Russell, known as the Randy Mandy Band, have been making music and singing songs that reflect their surroundings. Their Folk/Rock/Country Blues style comes from the memories they’ve made in and around the back roads and bridge of Knights Ferry.

“It’s fun making music in this town!”, Says Amanda. “My Grandpa used to play the banjo with the old timers, and now we’re singing and playing with the cool and unique characters of this town too. They’re the ones who help make up the storylines of our music.” Whether they’re singing at the Knights Ferry Saloon or in the music houses throughout Modesto, they strive to bring their unique stories to everyone.

With Randy and Amanda on Guitar, John Montes on bass and Jordan Smallwood on Drums, they perform as much original music as they can. “Our music tends to have a very honest and more pure sound. What you hear is who we are.” Says Amanda. “If we ever cover a song, it’s usually one that our friends have written. We love to see the look on their faces when they hear our take on their music.”

It’s those friends and fellow musicians who have influenced the Randy Mandy Band’s evolution of sound, as well as Randy’s late brother Ryan Russell. “Ryan cared deeply about good, quality music,” Says Randy, “inspiring those who listened to it. He believed you need to give music room to grow. Music is a process and it takes time for the song to develop.”

Randy and Amanda say they will continue to work on Ryan’s legacy of putting together an album that reflects his art and passion for local music. They are also working on more original songs of their own which they say will come together in a EP in the coming months.

Music has the ability to heal, inspire, and bring us together through story and song and the Randy Mandy Band will keep adding chapters to their folktale.

D.J. Walker
Morning Show Host
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