Efren Escapes Alcatraz

ModestoView FitView Editor Efren Martinez successfully Escaped once again from Alcatraz! One word summed up this years winter Escape from Alacatraz Triathlon. “Freezing”

Efren told us “Did I have fun doing this years Escape? I guess the answer would be yes in a deranged freezing kind of way. LOL Emphasizing on the word “deranged” here. Smiles 😉 But perhaps that’s what it takes, “to be a little bit deranged” to be able to jump in the San Francisco Bay at 7:30AM when the water temps are 50 degrees & the air temps are hovering around 44 degrees. But, despite the rough seas and bad rainy elements as well as an injury I suffered a little over 2 weeks ago that required physical therapy, I hit a PR in yesterdays Triathlon as well as made the top 50. Hurray!”

Oh & if your wondering who won yesterday’s Escape Triathlon, one other then a 2012 Silver Medallist Olympian took the honors. This was a world class fitness event fellow ModestoView readers and it brings out the best Tri-athletes from all over the world. Congrats to Efren.



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