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First Annual VinoFest 2015 a Success

First Annual VinoFest 2015 a Success

by Elisabeth Vallerand and Rachel Loredo, Guest Wine Reporters

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Expect somewhat of the unexpected with VinoFest, as our expectations were surprisingly superseded! From the baguette party gift as you enter the venue, to the eclectic crowd, the event as a whole was fun. VinoFest incorporated amenities for a variety of ages by including a photo booth with props, yard games, food for purchase, and an art display. The varieties of wine (and even mead!) were spectacular in showcasing locally grown, and a very tasteful wine selection. (Silkwood from Modesto, Van Ruiten from Lodi, Fat Cat, and Red Truck to name a few.) It is always a bonus to try and ultimately enjoy wines grown in your backyard that you otherwise may have overlooked.  If you are a wino by heart like us, want an excuse to have a nice outing with friends, and have a designated driver, VinoFest is sure to deliver. This event is definitely a great addition to the area’s social calendar and we hope to see it grow with vendors and wine varieties.

It will be nice to see how VinoFest 2016 grows. Perhaps having the event at a venue more accommodating to such a crowd will be beneficial. Lavender Farms exceeds all expectations for beauty and environment, however if this fun event grows perhaps the location will as well. The grass area easily accommodated those eager to taste and who were prompt arrivers, however as the crowd grew so did the lines and wait times for a pour. It would also be nice to see full glasses for sale. If you find a wine you enjoy it would make sense to be able to finish the night off with a larger portion of that specific taste.

Overall we had a great time, met some fun people, and added some wines to personal favorite list – VinoFest 2015 was a success!!!

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