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Fit for Fun

It’s been a little over 2 years since we have all had the pleasure in opening Modesto’s one and only The Modestoview Magazine. I invite you to take a trip with me on my first piece here and I’ll ask you to forgive me if I get ahead of myself from excitement in the resurrection of Modesto’s got to have most sought out who’s your M.A.M.A magazine.

Well Modesto Viewers here’s the skinny, this time around I will be mixing it up as us DJs do and will be spinning it off here. Fitness, a healthy lifestyle, in a fun silly DJ lingo. A positive view with a touch of local entertainment on the insidehere in the Quake View There is good news in going out to dinner these days. Modesto diet? Uh, NO! I prefer to call it nutrition and losing weight is as easy as counting calories. A couple of weeks ago I went out to dinner to The Outback Steak House and Disco. Disco? While I was sitting there looking over the menu, I noticed a number next to each entrée. Not quite sure what I was looking at, so I asked the nice waitress with an Australian accent (Australian accent, go figure) what’s the deal with the number next the dish I’m eyeing. Well friends, its true. She informed me that as of the first of the year large chain restaurants are required by law to put the calorie count next to each entrée on the menu. WOW! How cool is that, talk about a 2nd helping hand to reach your nutrition goals while dinning out. As for myself , I usually go to locally owned restaurants, but the calorie count on each menu item was interesting as was the Disco.

The Disco? So, if you’ve been to The Outback you have heard the 80’s music over the sound system. If you’re a man, chances are you’ve been to the men’s room there with the screaming loud speaker on the ceiling. In fact, its so loud, as I entered the wash room, I caught some guy looking into the mirror popping and locking to the fresh 80’s beats. Of course I couldn’t help myself. I suddenly found myself doing The Robot to Mr. Roboto by Styx on the way out. Smiles.

Flipping The Record Here to Side B as us DJs do, there’s fitness in The Super Bowl. Yes, that is right! So it’s Super Bowl Sunday and you know your going to eat big and party, who’s playing? Lets party Modesto! But friends, plan on doing it guilt free on Super Bowl Sunday with the Doug Braasch Super Sunday Relays. Before you hit all those snacks, beer, snacks and more snacks, go into it knowing you started your Super Bowl Sunday Party off like a Super Bowl Champion. Sunday morning at 8am I invite you to check out the 3rd annual Super Sunday Relays happening at Davis Park in Modesto. It’s a relay race, family friendly and consists of a (3 x 2 mile) & Kid’s Fun Run at Davis High School Park in Modesto. It’s cool if you don’t have a fast team, there will also be prizes for best costumes and best team name. Kick Off Super Bowl Sunday like a Champ in knowing you started it out in a healthy way.

Not only do you get your Super Bowl fitness but also able to run for a great cause with part of the proceeds from the race to benefit Team Triumph, which helps cancer survivors. For more information, visit our friends at for regular weekly run schedules and upcoming race info.

Get fit and stay fit for 2011, two other plays you might want to consider for that day. Don’t talk or scream with your mouth full. More people choke on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year and if you’ve had to much to drink after the big game, Dial 800 222-4357 AAA offers a Tipsy Tow Service for free. Thanks AAA.

In closing, I would like to send out a Happy 6th Birthday Shout Out to Queen Bean Coffee House. On January 8th of this year The Queen, Debra herself, staff and family quietly celebrated another thankful business year with the first Open Microphone show of the year. That’s right, its back for 2011 bigger and better than ever.

Special thanks to Solo Bass Jake & Drew Blum for delivering Open Mic to your Queen Bean Coffee House every Sunday at 6PM. For Doug Braasch, even though your no longer with us, we can still feel your Spirit within us all at The Shadow Chase Running Club.

by Efren Martinez



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I answered the call back in 1983; mixing Music and Entertainment with an eccentric European style has always come easy for me. In the early 80's I was the Disc Jockey for most of the high school dances in Modesto. In the late 80's I found myself in Hollywood working as a dancer and sound engineer for various professional recording industries. In 1990 my wife of 25 years and I started (The Quake Mobile DJ ®) which was seeded from San Francisco's 1985, The Quake, radio station that only lasted a short while on the air. 26 years later The Quake Mobile DJ is bigger & better than ever in the Entertainment industry. Real-Estate, photojournalism, event promoter, saving animals, travel and fitness are a few other of my interests. I also enjoy motivational speaking to children and to those who are struggling with addiction. In my life, I have always been a very direct person and once I see a goal I won't quit till I've achieved it. But out of all of the above I feel in my heart that the best inspiration in my life is my wife and my love for the faith that I practice. Phil 4:20