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Hey Bartender: Cody Baldwin, Twisted Pig

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“So an Irish man walks out of a bar”; it’s been a long standing joke since 1892. Being half-Irish I’ve heard them all, but being half-Irish I also know a thing or two about whiskey, Irish whiskey specifically. What does it take to be considered an Irish whiskey you ask? Three things, it has to be 80 proof, it has to be aged a minimum of 3 years, and you guessed it; it must be made in Ireland. While there are plenty of great brands on the market Jameson has been around since 1810 and happens to be the number-one seller worldwide, and that’s why the Twisted Pig has it.  Now whether you prefer your whiskey neat, with a pickle back, or in one of our craft cocktails, you can never go wrong with our “Coffee Break”: a blend of Jameson, butterscotch, coffee and cream served up with a house made doughnut hole. Now if that doesn’t warm you up under your kilt, I’m not sure what will, and speaking of kilts: we have St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner. Thankfully Modesto has a bunch of great bars to celebrate at. I’ll finish up with my favorite Mark Twain quote, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is never enough.” Slainte! (“Good health to you” in Gaelic.)

-Cody Baldwin Manager/Bartender of the Twisted Pig



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