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Interview Soko with Foster The People

Soko – On Stage for the World

Soko w/ Foster the People Interview

By Efren Martinez

Soko the actress and professional recording artist was just handpicked by Foster the People to open for them on their upcoming tour, which includes a stop at The Fox Theater in Oakland, CA on November 8.

ModestoView friends, let me be honest, a lot of the music out there sounds the same these days and many of us in the music industry have been waiting for something different and unique. Well, this charmingly gritty Soko has done just that. She’s fabulously French (meaning more in the warm baguette and Bridget Bardot way than in the “ne parle anglais pas” sort of way). She’s also a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and an award-winning actress, she kind of reminds me of Edie Sedgwick minus the vulnerability. If you’re unfamiliar with her music you might recognize her from that “First Kiss” viral video as one of the 20 strangers kissing for the first time (she’s the sexy and funnily shy blond girl kissing the girl). Just recently I hooked up with Soko via the Internet to ask her a few questions about her video, music and her show tonight with Foster the People.

(Efren) Who or what was your inspiration behind the first kiss video?

(Soko) Uh, I was just asked by my friend Melissa Cocker from Wren to be in it. I had no idea what was the concept or what I was really gonna do. And I ended up kissing a lovely lady and they used my song “we might be dead by tomorrow” and then it became this huge hung out of the blue. It was made in such a genuine way and I think people connected to that uncomfortable yet exciting feeling of kissing somehow for the first time somehow.

(Efren) Your song “We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow” shot to #1 on Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart. Why do you think this particular song shot up first verses your other hits?

(Soko) I’m not sure. It’s not really something you plan, the director of the first kiss video, Tatia, chose it and then it became viral. When I wrote that song people didn’t get it and thought it was not a good song because “it doesn’t have a chorus” . But I think the message in the song is stronger than any conventional structure or musical tricks because it conveys such a vital and personal message for me. It’s a pure reflection of how I live my life.

(Efren) What can your fans expect on your forthcoming second full-length, “My Dreams Dictate My Reality”?

(Soko) It’s a lot more punky / gothy / dreamy and upbeat / fun sounding. Still has very dark lyrics that are a lot about my childhood and mortality and all my twisted thoughts and all that was capture by producer Ross Robinson (who produced The Cure) so hopefully it will take you back to those early Cure records and make you feel feelings!

(Efren) On November 8th you’ll be performing at The Fox in Oakland. What kind of message would you like me to pass on to our readers in regards to your show on the 8th?

(Soko) Hummmm.. Come dance, cry, have fun with us. We’ll be at the merch booth right after our show and give really good hugs and we have cool merch and we will be on fire!!

Soko Video

The First Kiss video shot her song “We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow” to number 1 on Billboard’s Streaming Songs chart. It’s off of her debut “I Thought I Was An Alien” (praised by Stereogum, Vogue, etc.), which drew on the loss of close family members, including her father, at a young age. Her forthcoming second full-length album, “My Dreams Dictate My Reality” produced by the super cool Ross Robinson (The Cure, At The Drive-In)  will be a much ballsier affair. It’s coming out in late 2015.

Other Soko Info

Soko has toured with Ariel Pink and that gang of lo-fi hell raisers, Daniel Johnston, and that lovely trouble-maker Pete Doherty, among others. Soko has also worked with Cornershop and has collaborated with Spike Jonze on some videos and at least one short film.



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