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by ModestoFamous

October was a very musical month in Modesto as many local artists put their best foot forward to battle for MAMA Awards. This worked out well for me because I was constantly made aware of some of the best music available from our local artists.

My goal with this column is to make Modesto View readers aware of what our locals our creating. Some of these tracks were written ontour busses while others were written in bedrooms converted into recording studios. They all have heart and passion built into them and knowing that they were produced locally makes them all the more special.

Panda Style by Tony Vibes

“Panda Style” is a parody of the popular “Gangnam Style” by PSY. Tony Vibes wrote and produced the track in honor of World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval’s game-one performance. Sandoval smashed three home runs into the stands and inspired this dance-worthy fun track. Listen to it here:

Saturday by Neil Buettner

Neil Buettner is a local icon. You will see him playing along side of Matt Harrington at Speakeasy, P Wexford’s, The Boardroom and other local hot spots. The duo is known for pumping out lively covers of popular tracks but “Saturday” is all Buettner and it sounds like it should be a hit on the radio. Buettner infuses a bit of tropical fun into this smooth track and that makes it great for parties. Listen to the song here:

Wristwatch by High Voltage

High Voltage just won the first-ever MAMA award for Best Youth Band and they will be releasing their first CD soon. “Wristwatch” sounds like Green Day but that does not mean that the song copies the style of theiconic band. High Voltage puts their own unique sense of style into the track and rocks it like only they can. These kids have a bright future ahead of them. Check out their work at

Hey Mom I love You by Steezy Steve

Steezy Steve is one part of the Modesto rap crew, Califreshest. The rappers are young and they are all from different backgrounds. “Hey Mom I love You” showcases the softer side of the rap genre. You can’t help but want to copy the track and enclose it with a Mother’s Day Card. Steezy Steve is a talented young artist that works constantly to hone his craft and that fact alone demands respect. Listen to “Hey Mom I love You” here:

The Very Best by The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit

The Good Luck Thrift Store outfit combines the efforts of local artists, Willy Taylor, Chris Doud, Taylor Webster, Aaron Burtch, Chandler Pratt, and Matt Cordano. Together, the group has just released their new album, “Old Excuses.” “The Very Best” is a ballad that combines a sense of sorrow and loss and brings to life the wrenching heartache that can come with loving and losing. Taylor sings, “I may be not be good at most things I do but I’m the very best at missing you.” It is hard not to feel for Taylor while listening to the track. The song conveys pure heartbreak and passion. This is beautiful. Listen here:



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