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Meet Rodney!

Hi there! I’m Rodney!
I want to introduce you to the reason Modesto is so awesome! It’s our classic cars like me! We are all shined up, ready to cruise and are all powered up for Graffiti Summer. I hope you enjoy everything we have going this year and make sure to check out the Cruise Route, view our murals and enjoy the car shows and check out the chrome. You can find me at

Modesto Graffiti USA
Finally, you can find some cool Modesto memorabilia, shirts, and even a shot glass! After all these years, Modesto Graffiti USA has come to the rescue. You can share our classic Graffiti history with all of your friends and colleagues. If you like the cars, music, girls, or the cruise, Modesto Graffiti USA will have something for you.

Modesto Graffiti has recreated some classic images for shirts, handbags, key chains and even Frisbees and guitar picks. Look for the Modesto Graffiti USA trailer at an upcoming Graffiti Summer event and you can even purchase items on-line at

Best of all, all profits from Modesto Graffiti USA will go to local non-profits, Peer Recovery Project, Ernie Bucio Scholarship for music in schools and Howard Training Center.



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