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Modesto USA is all about YOU!

Modesto USA is A Classic American City. No other city has a brand that fits so all-around perfectly. Why?  Because we are that small town feeling of community, friends and neighbors wrapped with the amazing American Graffiti history and legends blended with the arts, entertainment, dining and culture of great American cities. Good brands come from the people, are inspiring and make us all feel great about Modesto.

The reason we are so special is our people. Anyone that has called Modesto home has created our legends. Some have gone off and become massively famous, some stay here in Modesto and make a huge public difference and most work hard day after day to make contributions that go unnoticed, but are as equally important as all of the well-known things.  It all goes hand in hand and every person in our amazing city makes a difference.  This month we turn the pages of ModestoView over to you, the people of Modesto.  What do we like? What do we want to do differently? The people that create our music, roads, restaurants, schools, families, businesses and events are the stars of Modesto.

Modesto USA is lucky to have so many stars that shine so bright and in so many ways and it all connects together in what we call ModestoCana.  Thanks to each and every one of you and enjoy Modesto, USA- A Classic American City.



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