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Give a Gift and Beat the Taxman By Lou Friedman

Holiday and Tax Break Gifts There are a couple of big things you can do to make a difference here in Modesto. Besides the traditional and holiday gifts this season, there are the gifts that can be a big help on your taxes next year. One of the best things you can do to lower your tax liability and help our community is help the State Theatre go digital. Without digital projection, we will miss out on many new indie films as movie studios discontinue actual film distribution. The State will still maintain its 35mm system so we still get the best of the vintage films. How can you help? We turned to one our local lawyers that specialized in estate and tax planning, Lou Friedman. Here are his tips.

Year-end Gifts Can Save Taxes Now is the time to think about some year-end charitable gifts that can reduce your estimated tax bill on January 15 and your balance due on April 15. We have some great charities serving this community. Now is a time you can help them fulfill their mission and help yourself with a reduced tax bill.

The quick and easy answer is write a check, but you can also put it on a credit card and get the deduction this year even if you don



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