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A day in the life of a working musician

Wake up too early and make coffee

Network (online, by phone, in person, set meetings, book shows etc)

Exercise in some way to stay in shape

Practice for as many hours as you have between all the networking and other PR work

Write press releases, create flyers, and invite people to shows

Try to catch up on emails and Facebook messages but get annoyed halfway through cause you just want to play

Wish you had a manager

Look for manager

Give up on that cause you have to get ready for the show

Tell all your friends to come out to the show cause that is the only time you have to hang out with them because their nights off are your nights on.

Pack up all your gear and load it in the car

Play the night away to eager or ignoring ears

Pack up your gear and get paid (hopefully)

Unload the car (upstairs, for me) even though you’re tired and you just poured your heart out on stage and want to pass out.

Check email

Update Facebook status

Go to sleep


Note: I’m on iTunes so check out my song “Tonight” It’s about the struggles of being a musician and time flying away from you but it’ll all be alright if only for Tonight. Remember, when you’re on stage, the world is a better place. If it wasn’t for music, the world would just be beeping horns, talk radio, and silence.



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